Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Polaris!! (Sort of…) Wizard101

OK, so Ditto has not yet experienced the world of Polaris, but he has the next best thing with the amazing Polarian Explorers’ Bundle, now available at GameStop!

Ditto just happened to get his furry paws on the bundle, and it is VERY nice – I’m really enjoying it so far!  It comes with the standard bundle stuff – a house, a mount, an ADORABLE pet, Explorer’s Gear armor and pickaxe…

One thing that really impresses me about this bundle is the ice – the house is the ‘Polarian Shipwreck House’ and it’s a really well designed shipwreck trapped in ice, and that shimmering blue ice is so beautiful! It really is an impressive effect and I just love it.  The sky is really beautiful too – it’s all designed so well!  I also love how areas of the ice are actually ‘slippery’ for your character and you can slip and slide around – it’s a fun change in physics!

The house also has some secret passages and other fun areas to explore – it’s not the biggest house KingsIsle has released, but it’s very well designed and the details are beautiful.  There’s also an ice skating rink inside the house that I’m sure would make for some really fun parties!

The mount is an interesting one, the ‘Battle Narwhal’ – we’ve had a cool whale amount before this, of course, but this one is pretty incredible looking; that point looks pretty severe!  The animations are nice, too – it might not replace my preferred dinosaur mounts, but he looks great ‘swimming’ around the shipwreck.

And then there is the penguin!!!   Oh my GLOB how cute is this little guy!!  He’s so cute and fluffy!!  Look at his little top hat and bow tie!  Squeee!

For the armor and wand – The Explorer’s Gear armor and Pickaxe – I kind of made a mistake and took the rank 11 (level 100) armor, so I can’t wear it yet, but from what I’ve seen it looks pretty cool…  I’ll try to get screenshots.

So that’s the new bundle; it’s nice, with some new features we haven’t seen in housing before, and if you like icy landscapes I think this is much nicer looking than the original Ice School house – my personal opinion of course.

I’ll plan on streaming a tour of the place soon, too – I don’t think the screen shots quite do it justice.

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