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Leaving Avalon – The Battle with Pendragon

So I have finally conquered the realm of Avalon!!  And Ditto was looking back at when we actually started this epic journey, thinking I’ve been working my way through Avalon for a few months… well, it’s been over a YEAR since I first got the key to Avalon!  Now I did complete Wintertusk and did a lot of other stuff in that time, but wow, that took a LOT longer than I thought it would…

So anyway, the final battle of Avalon is with the dreaded Pendragon, who is, of course, a dragon.  I wasn’t able to record it on video, as I did it over the Thanksgiving holidays and there were a lot of people in the house, but I did take some cool screen shots!!

I would definitely like to thank Brandon Owlsword, who helped me through this epic dungeon – he was great, I never could have made it through without him!

So I’m sure there are a ton of guides out there for this particular fight, so I won’t go step by step, but I can talk about a few of the things that really made an impression.  You start out entering The Keep of Ganelon and talking to The Lady of the Lake, and then you have to defeat a bunch of guards (Hart Lancers and Horned Nights) – those fights aren’t too tough, and we cleared that pretty easily. I grabbed the Sword of Kings and equipped it, since Brandon said Pendragon wouldn’t cheat quite so much if I had it equipped.  Not sure if that’s true – he cheated pretty bad – but it’s a nice sword anyway.

Next is the main event – the Throne Room, where the dreaded Pendragon sits!  He’s a rank 12 Death Boss with around 16,000 health, and he’s got a lot of cheats, but by far the most annoying was throwing a zero pip Fire Dragon every few turns – he was hitting us for pretty big damage with that!  He also casts Scarecrow if you hit him with certain spells – not cool at all.  It took us a while – maybe a half hour? – but we finally got him!  Of course, we thought that was the end – Brandon even said ‘congratulations on finishing Avalon’ – before we realized we had to fight TWO MORE dragons to get a special cure for the king.

In the Dragon’s Den, we had to battle a White and Black dragon, both Rank 12 boss monsters with over 12,000 health each.  It’s battles like this where my group affect spells like Rain of Fire help a lot.  These dragons didn’t cheat – not that I noticed anyway – so this battle was over pretty quickly, Brandon and I made short work of the scaly scourge and returned to the castle triumphant!

So next up I’ve got Azteca, which I will do my best to get through in less than a year!  LoL!   I’ll make sure I take video of my entrance into that intriguing new world!!!

Thank you again Brandon!!

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