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Ditto faces down The House of Scales!

So Ditto wanted to check out the new ‘Four Dungeons’ experience and went to talk to my buddy Alhazred in Krokotopia to see about the problems they were having in the ‘House of Scales’…  WOW what a dungeon, I definitely wasn’t expecting that!  I don’t have a detailed write up guide or anything, and I wasn’t recording video as I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a long, intense, and really fun experience.  I can say that all the bosses cheat, and that was annoying, definitely.  One of the bosses took my Rain of Fire damage over time spell and cast it back on me – that was mean, that’s for sure.  So much cheating, gah!

Picture 2014-11-26 20-51-10

Picture 2014-11-26 20-50-26

The story is one of daring heroism, pitting all my considerable Pyromancer’s skills against a horde of some kind of lizard monster things, to save the souls of the poor little manders!  The final boss was Ammit the Devourer, who was creating an army out of the mander souls – it was pretty scary!

I had some help at first, a pick-up group of two others, but they left pretty early on and I wanted to keep going, so I’ll admit – I spent a bit more than I expected to on henchmen to get through this one!  It was worth it though – the dungeon is very challenging and the storyline is good – but I’d say if you want to go through this definitely bring friends, there are some seriously tough battles…

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