Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Ditto explores the Evergreen Bundle in Wizard101

Ditto got himself an early holiday gift – the Evergreen Bundle!  This is a great holidayish bundle – I say holiday’ish’ because while it’s not an out and out ‘holiday’ theme, like with snowmen and reindeer and the like, it does have a fun holiday vibe.

The Evergreen Armor has a great look to it, and I do love the Celestial Wolf pet – it’s a really nice looking mount and has great animations!  I say the armor looks nice, and it really does, but the stats on the level 80 set I got weren’t quite as good as the Bazaar set I just put together, but they’re still a decent set of armor with good buffs and nice cards attached.   I think the pet is cute too, but nothing will ever replace my Madame Jasmine!

The centerpiece, though, is the amazing Botanical Gardens house!  It’s definitely large, with lots of room and beautiful architecture, and the mystical glow everywhere is just lovely!  I love the giant carnivorous plant – it gives you daily gifts when you water it, so fun!  There are s many winding paths and secret entrances, cracks in the wall leading to whole new areas – it’s great! I’m sure it would be amazing to decorate – I must put that on my t0-do list, in between adventures – oh, and maybe I’ll start gardening again!


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