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Ditto gives a tour of his new ‘Arcane Builder’ house in Wizard101

Ditto has gotten the awesome new ‘Arcane Builder’s Bundle’ in Wizard101 – a fun (and pretty addictive) new housing system where you can basically build your own house out of cool building blocks.  It really is fun, and Ditto gives you a tour of what he’s been working on – it’s pretty exciting.

I think the best thing about the Arcane Builders’ Bundle is the fact that you technically get three housing areas, which is a great deal, and with some teleporters you can combine all three in interesting ways.  Creating interesting new forms and configurations is lots of fun too! I like how my ‘sky house’ is coming out (though I do wish it could be taller…)

One response

  1. Thanks for the tour!!! Anxious to see a totally decorated house. Can you chage floor design?

    June 6, 2014 at 8:24 pm

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