Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Ditto searches for clues in Stone Town – and gets in a fight….

Ditto is still in Stone Town, and after defeating Belloq, Ditto has to find Sobaka down by the waterfront and explore Belloq’s barge to look for evidence…  Of course the evidence is being guarded by several Black Tusk Cultists — not a problem for ‘Pyromnacer Power’!    Of course ‘Pyromancer Power’ is no match against ‘Kitten Power’ as Ditto is attacked again mid-quest.

Ditto defeats the cultists handily, and finds a clue in the dank hold of the barge — I take the clue back to Sobaka, since as far a clues go, Ditto doesn’t have a clue about this one…  Sobaka says some stuff and then Ditto has to go talk to somebody else — at this point Smoky the kitten was attacking my feet and I was distracted.

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