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Congratulations – Ditto’s Wizard101 Pet-A-Palooza Pet Contest Winners!!

For Pet-A-Palooza, Ditto had a pet show contest, and I got so many awesome entries!!  I love your ideas and all your cute and awesome pets!  All the winners won a special pet pack with one Mega Snack Pack, one Hatching Elixir, one Energy Elixir, and one GREAT random pet!  Here are the winners with their great Pet Contest entries!!

  • Ashley RoseTamer – My name is Ashley RoseTamer and my pet is a very very very big and blue dinosaur named Tiny. He used to be real small, smaller than my hands, when I first found him inside an egg but he is big now. It’s probably because he eats my pizzas a lot. Tiny has a special talent where he can blend into the background! That’s why people don’t ever notice a giant blue dinosaur following me around, but he’s there! Although his name is Tiny, he has a very big heart, I know because he is always there to protect me from the big bad guys
  • Roslyn RainBringer – My pet is a giraffe named Shorty. She helps me reach tall things like books on the highest shelf in the library and checks the clouds for real-time weather information.
  • Alexander Pierce – My pet Princess Brandy, looks like a belladonna and behaves like a primadona. 😀
  • Morgrim Trollfriend – My pets name is Walter. He’s a small dragon (about 5 feet long).
    His scales change color in the sun. Inside and at night they are a dark blue, but when he goes out in the sun they turn a foresty green color.  Ps. This is a fantasy pet I wish I could have in real life. 😉
  • Diana Silverflame – My pet Chloe is a half-unicorn and a half-dragon and she has human hands. Her special talent is that she can sing the A-B-C Song.
  • Luke Stormheart -My pet is Otis the Storm Minotaur.His special talent is throwing his axe like a boomerang.  He also has a special combat talent: Stormaxe- it’s a may-cast +50% Stormblade
  • Ashley Stalker – My Cupig’s name is Cookie and he barfs out cookies, thus the name (it totally doesn’t taste disgusting!)
  • Amber Firesword – My pet is named Miss Pearl! 😀 She’s a panda pet, and her awesome ability is that her bamboo sticks in her little basket are magical and can produce magic, even though she still eats them… XD  Thanks for the contest Ditto!
  • Hunter MythEyes – my pet is a cyclops that can smash things with his hammer!
  • Katie Darkheart  –   my favorite pet is my pet coal, his name is prince taz. I got him for christmas and was very sad at first( who would want coal in christmas) then again i was a very good kid the entire year! but as time went on and i trained him, he became my best friend. he is a great healer, on top of it, he has a special fire card which because i am fire is very awesome. he heals me, pierces shields, and i am supposedly in love with him so much!!  We are totally BFFs
  • Lindsey Goldengrove – My pet Harry is a Meow Wing. His special talent is that he dances like a ballerina haha!
  • Angela Lion – I have a yellow cockapoo named Roo. I swear she could be the cutest dog in the world…but her special talent her that back. She eats her own poo, like really quick. It’s kinda scary, but she’s still my good dog anyways. I love her so dang much. I don’t know how to upload pictures with the phone I have now, but I attached a picture of her when she was a pup. Ugh pets…they can be something haha. Beside her poo-eating talent she does have another nice talent of hypnotyzing with her puppy dog face.

  • Kane Deathwalker – Meet Cuddles the Bear Cub, The cutest little bear roaming grizzleheim. I would imagine he would make the grade as being the cutest pet out there and would even surpass our newest cuddle cub the “Polar Bear Cub”.  Cuddles is a friendly and adventurous tike that loves to follow you everywhere through out
    the spiral.  This pet is of the life school type and the special talent that he possesses is called “Hibernate” which is a may cast talent that when activated the little guy gets tuckered out and goes to sleep. When this happens he will cast a DoT heal spell for everyone in your group for 350 health for over three rounds.
  • David Silverhunter – My pet Mister Fluffy is a Myth Hedgehog. His special talent is dealing additional damage due to its spines.
  • Oran Nightbringer – My pets names is Notail. She’s a cat, and she was born without a tail. Her special talent is hugging. She wraps her paws around my neck and hugs me.
  • Christina Rainbowstaff – My pet Sir Limboyeu is a scholarly-like, bespectacled Leprechaun. His special talent is that he can tell you offhand where all the smiths in the Spiral can be found such that you don’t have to find them yourself.
  • keira deathwalker -I would like to suggest a pet for wizard101. i love the idea that voldemort has a pet snake that has his life in it. So i would suggest a snake too. i know we have frost snakes and a snake in a basket already but i do not suggest those pets. what i am suggesting is a pet snake that would be wrapped around the wizard’s neck. it can be cobra or any heavy snakes like python or anaconda.  Each school will have their own snake, which will have may cast auras for their school compulsorily, like death pet will cast doom and gloom, while fire will cast “wyldfire” and similarly others. i would really love to see a pet that would not follow you, but will be on your body. it will look so cool
  • Brian Windtamer – My pet is a sugar glider named bee bee because it tends to make beelines when flying around in its huge cage.
  • Alexander DragonTamer – I have a pet axolotl named, Mavis. She is albino! How cool is that? She is always excited to see me and will either raise her head to look at me or swim around her tank excitedly. Her favorite food is brine shrimp.  P.S. an axolotl is a medium sized salamander with gills.
  • Autumn RavenBlood – My pet’s name is Morticia. She is tiny and black and has bat wings. Morticia belongs to a special family of black cats called Purrzilla’s. I can’t decide if one of her best talents is melting her enemies with her cutest little ‘mew’, or purring so hard to cause an earthquake… 🙂


Thank to all the entries – I love reading them all!!  You are all so creative, and I loved hearing about all your pets!!!  I love these contests and I love the Wizard 101 Community!!

Congratulations again to all the winners!

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  1. Congrats everyone 🙂 Lovely entries 😀 Have fun with your new pets!

    June 17, 2013 at 6:36 am

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