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Ditto’s Pirates De Mayo Contest Winners!!

For Pirates De Mayo, Ditto asked how your pirate captain and crew celebrated this fun holiday, and I got lots of really great answers!!  I’ve chosen the winners and sent their codes for 2500 Crowns and the Gobbler Pinata!  Also, I ended up having more codes than expected, so I’ve awarded codes to even more winners!!  Here they are:

Brave Sam Laveer  -My Pirate does what I do. In my family Cinco De Mayo is celebrated cause of Mexico’s unlikely win over the French Army under Napoleon during the Battle of Puebla. Of course over time it really just has turned into a time to hang out with family members and eat. So my Pirate will be sitting in Tavern in Cool Ranch munching on local fare and swapping stories with his crew….and maybe do a Hat dance, if I can remember how to do it.

Wicked Antonio Everhart – My pirate Wicked Antonio Everhart has a pirates de mayo tradition where he and my companions all go to the tavern in cool ranch and we have chips and yum salsa and then we have a ship party with el toro and we all dance and sing

Grace – Grace’s Crew holds races around skull island to see who has the fastest skills.
We also show of our pets in a “best of show” contest
There is a candy skull hide and seek for the crew
We finish off will a wonderful feast and sharing of yum and stories of the new test server this year!

Humble Brandon Quincy – My pirates dress up in fancy costumes for Pirate De Mayo, and eat a warm, nice, meal after I day of sailing during the day. This food consists of warm bread, delicious coconuts, and some other stuff that’s a secret to our crew!

Alexander – For Pirates De Mayo, arr crew be doing somethin’ special!  We’re gonna go to th’ Test Realm and buy lots of gobbler pinatas! My companions will also pitch in a few crowns for it. Then we’re gonna decorate our Volcano Island House until it looks as Pirates De Mayo-themed as much as possible! Except for one room. We will leave that room empty. Yup. Empty. Do you know why? Because that’s where the gobbler pinatas will be! I don’t want to decorate that room.. because my companions will be hitting those pinatas we bought, and if they miss.. they might just break something. Plus, they go crazy when the pinata has been hit and the candy falls out.  That’s how we’re going to spend Pirates De Mayo! 🙂

Fair Seirra – But anyway, I’m still kinda new to pirate 101, so hopefully i’ll make new friends and new traditions at this festival. My pirate is Fair Seirra. I will probably host a party at my house and invite friends over to play games like truth or dare and list our favorite candies. We will also go adventuring together and host contests to give out small prizes. It will be fun.

Autumn – my pirate will be hosting a de mayo bash while having a pvp tournament.

Benjamin Quarton – I am mexican my characters name is Benjamin Quarton this is my way I celebrate with my crew is to either do parties in my dorm its really easy I decorated it mostly with aztecan furniture and I dress up in aztecan clothing to celebrate my past ancestry of hispanics in what they did to make my country (mexico) on its independence I usually have guerra (which means war) with my friends in pvp to mimic on the war we had to bring our independence then we just talk on how we experienced the fight.

Silent Michael Reade – I’m Silent Michael Reade, and our tradition during Pirates De Mayo is to have a friendly fighting tournament to see who’s the strongest, Thanks for the contest!

Dark Zane Renner – On Pirates De Mayo, me and my crew wear pirate garb that matches the colors of the Monquistadors. And we celebrate with plunder and fighting.

Kevin Moonleaf – Me and my crew are going to visit Cool Ranch are gonna go dancing with my amigos the horses. Thanks Ditto, enjoy your pie! 🙂

Stubborn Duncan Freeman – My captain has a tradition, that he for 1st May is getting up early, going to The Dark Jungle and having a bbq 🙂
Nick Blade – For Pirates De Mayo me and my crew buy party supplies from some banditoads, then we go to beat up some monquistadors because they make amazing Enchilladas! Next we make sugar skulls and other Mexican treats to include in our Fiesta de Mayo.
When everything is ready we open my doors and in comes all pirates from around the spiral! You can see beatiful fireworks, and an amazing Salsa dance floor. The people always have fun, and the extra crowns and Pinata would help me throw my party even better.
TwoFaced Anne – My Captain, TwoFaced Anne, and her crew like to celebrate Pirates De Mayo at the hideout on Skull Island. This hidden hideout is a prefect place to celebrate with song, dance and story tellings of the adventures past.

Wicked Inari Kidd – on the wicked kidd crew we celebrate pirate de mayo by every companion building a pinata that represents something important to them; in the past we’ve seen an el torro mustange sally pinata with a bubble blower inside that blew heart shaped kisses and was filled with chocolate roses (first place), a kan po turtle ball pinata filled with mooshu delights, and a ratbeard treasure chest pinata although that one was suprisntly empty(old habits i guess). And then theres the twist, we hang the pinatas in the skyway comfortably away from anything and we have are musketeers, bonnie, bones mcgee, and lefy among others, play pinata roulette. They try to shot as many pinatas as they can with only 10 shots; also there blind folded. After all the fun is done we head to the life fountain just in case, last year poor old scratch droped his good eye and didnt see it coming, and then cap of the night in el toros mansion with an all night fiesta, or until tells us to leave.

Brave Andrew – I especially, celebrate Cinco De Mayo of course, because I like to eat cakes and other kinds of stuff. I also like to farm for bosses, just for fun though… and I made some friends, and yes I am the Captain. XD

Congratulations to all the winners, this was a really fun one!!  Have Fun and Play Safe!!


4 responses

  1. thanks

    May 6, 2013 at 10:40 am

  2. Destiny SpiritStalkr (@tracykholm45)

    Congrats to all the winners

    May 6, 2013 at 12:31 pm

  3. Inari Kidd

    Thanks Ditto, and haha I meant to say “. . . . or until Sally kicks us out. Thanks again and I hope you had a happy Pirate de Mayo.

    May 6, 2013 at 10:47 pm

  4. Congratulations to all of the winners! These were all great entries! Good job everyone!

    May 7, 2013 at 1:29 am

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