Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

To Save the Spiral, Ditto must recover…. A Pen?

Ditto is once again at the Darjani palace (and finds another game of Shock-A-Lock!) – he has to get the queen’s ring as the royal seal for a royal letter to get him past Rocksteady to interrogate the wizard prisoner. However, the captain of the queen’s guard cannot complete the royal letter, because some bad guys stole his pen and they are too tough for him to fight – so he asks Ditto to go and do it. Yes, you read that right – the big tough war elephant captain of the queen’s guard is sending the student from wizard city against some big tough fire bad guys to recover his pen. His PEN. Seriously – I would just go and buy him a new pen if I could….

Anyway, ditto fights some of the bad guys, and naturally doesn’t find the pen, so there will be lots more fighting and stuff and Ditto will make another video once he gets that done…

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