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Ditto’s Video Bloggy Thingy – March 9th 2013

Video Bloggy Thingy – March 9th 2013

Hey everybody – it it the Ditto!  OOh, it is already March – isn’t that exciting!!  Lots going on with the Ditto, me have been a very busy monster with lots of news – but first me start with the Twitter report.  Ditto has 1212 followers now – how cool is that?  Well its cool to me – thank you to all of my fans and followers, i really do this for you!

So in game news I have the amazing ‘Pot O’ Gold’ contest running in Wizard 101 – winners get mounts, pets, an amazing house, gold, and crowns!  It runs through March 22nd, so Check out dittomonser.com for all the details!

In Pirate101 news Ditto is monkeying around deep in the heart of Moquista!  I’m working on some sweet upgrades for my ship, too, like a great new figurehead with new attack power.  I’m really loving Pirate 101 and can’t wait to explore more!

And I do have another game I’ve been playing a lot lately – this one is an iOS game called ‘Wake the Cat’ and it’s a very fun, cute little game where your have to solve physics puzzles and, well, wake a cute little kitten.  It’s challenging and very fun, so when I’m not on Wizard101 or Pirate101 I’ve been playing that.

And last but definitely not least, PAX East is coming in just two weeks!!  DItto has so much going on for PAX East – I’ve got great interviews lined up this year!  I’ll be talking to Steve Spohn from Able Gamers, who is always awesome to talk to – Able Gamers does such an awesome job!  I’ve also lined up interviews with developers and designers from Trinket Studios, Pagoda West, Clutch Play Games, and more.  And the big announcement is that I’ve been able to set up a brief interview with – are you ready?  Robert Khoo, the president of Penny Arcade Inc!  AAhhhhh!!   That is going to be so incredible – Ditto is so excited!!!  I’m pretty sure I am the first fuzzy orange monster to interview him…
There will be a few more announcements too, things Ditto is still waiting on confirmation on and that will be just as awesome and exciting!!

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