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Captain Ditto battles Finn for the Mooshu Falcon!!

So after much investigation, Ditto and his crew have found Finn, hidden away in Jonah town. Ditto and friends burst in on him, demanding he turn over the fabled icon, and.. well, Finn doesn’t really WANT to hand over the Mooshu Falcon. In fact, he’s pretty much dead set against it. Ditto and his crew fight valiantly against Finn and his surly crew, but unfortunately Finn has apparently learned a few tricks since the last time we fought him, and things don’t go as well for Captain Ditto.

This is a great example of a really challenging fight (at least it was to me) that needed some real strategy – strategy that I did not have… I will have to review the fight and see what other strategy I can use to defeat Finn and his minions.

One response

  1. Anubis

    That fight is really hard since they changed it from defeat Fin to defeat everyone.

    If you would like some help with it look up Horance West on the One Eye Jack server.

    January 11, 2013 at 9:22 pm

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