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Captain Ditto and the Case of The Mooshu Falcon!

Captain Ditto has finally made level 10 and heads to his trainer to learn some new skills, like jumping over obstacles. Ditto then gets lost looking for Ratbeard (because I didn’t go down into the basement – have to try again later).

Ditto then talks to a disreputable man in an alley and learns that a another even more disreputable man has a job for him, to steal the famed ‘Mooshu Falcon’ from Captain Avery. I thought it had to do with the ‘Millennium Falcon’ but no, it’s just a statue of a bird (and another excellent pop-culture reference to ‘The Maltese Falcon’, a 1941 Humphrey Bogart classic) .

Refusing to steal from Captain Avery, Ditto heads to the captain’s office to barter a deal, but instead gets wrapped up in a web of mystery and intrigue! The Falcon is missing, and if Ditto can’t get it back, Captain Avery will hold him personally responsible. Not really sure how Ditto could be responsible, since it was stole right out from under Avery’s nose, and his chief of security isn’t even in the same building, but whatever – now Ditto has to seek out Archer and get the falcon back!!

One response

  1. lucas dodger

    to talk to ratbeard you have to go in the cellar in the tavern
    its a pretty good quest you should work on it
    hoped this helped

    January 3, 2013 at 9:35 pm

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