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Ditto the Handyman fixes another fence…

Once again, the fearless handyman Ditto is called upon for general contracting work deep in the heart of Zafaria.  The Greyhorns have been getting in ‘Somehow’, and Ditto discovers a hole in the fence roughly the size of a truck that, for some strange reason, the defender guards did not see.  Using his now legendary handyman abilities, Ditto finds some prime lumber and fixes the giant hole in the fence, getting the job done on schedule and for a very reasonable price.


I wonder if all this handyman work is just special pyromancer training, like in ‘The Karate Kid’, where Mister Miyagi made Daniel wash his car and paint his fence and all that stuff, but was actually teaching him karate… I’m wondering if my new fire spell requires some sort of vigorous hammering motion to cast…

One response

  1. Tony

    Nice fa-la-la-la-al-lama mount

    December 30, 2012 at 12:55 am

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