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Ditto Versus the Volcano, Part 2 – Chumba Wumba!

Ditto and his crew have made their way up to top of the volcano and come face to face with Chumba Wumba, leader of the water moles. It seems the tide has turned on the devious Ratbeard AND Captain Gunn’s treasure… This is an epic battle with a wild twist ending!

I will say that the Chumbawumba ‘Tubthumping’ references in this quest were amazing and hilarious, and were definitely my favorite part of the quest!! That used to be one of my favorite songs long ago… I have linked to the source of those references for anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about…

One response

  1. I say the same thing Ditto. I not be hav’in Ratbeard as me First mate 😉

    December 18, 2012 at 8:42 pm

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