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Ditto Faces the Final Quest for Gunn’s Tomb!

Ditto and his crew have reached Bounty Island and have finally found Gunn’s tomb!  Now Ditto needs to prove his mettle as a pirate and sailor by completing all of Gunn’s tasks to unlock the tomb!  What happens when Ditto completes these tricky tests of skill?  It’s a surprise!!

This is my favorite quest so far in Pirate101 – it’s cute, it’s clever, and completely makes sense relative to the storyline.  The results of all of my preparations with the cannon and the rope are great, too!  I loved this quest.

One response

  1. Destiny SoulHeart

    I can’t wait for the quest! Ditto you’re funny 🙂

    -Merciless Felicity Nightangle,lvl 11,Buccaner-

    December 9, 2012 at 10:18 am

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