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Ditto is Catching Up on Stuff in Wizard101 and Pirate101

Ditto has had a VERY busy couple of weeks where I was not able to do much in game or even post a lot, but there are some important things that are happening in the worlds of Wizard101 and Pirate101 and Ditto wanted to make sure they were covered.

Wizard101 –

First, there is the awesome Prehistoric Bundle, and Ditto has a great contest going on with that.  It has the most amazing two person mount, an adorable pet, powerful new outfit and wand thingy, and a cool magic treehouse with magic eggs!

Next is the new Keeper’s Lore card pack, with chances to get three new armor sets, special banner weapons, a great new pet, new spells, and more!  There are some pretty cool things in there, and Ditto really likes the banner weapons, they look neat.

And finally, the amazing Tower Defense game Grub Guardian has been updated and released on multiple platforms – I love tower defense games so Ditto is very excited for this one!  And I love that I can play with Madame Jasmine!

Pirate101 –

First off we have the very FIRST monthly newsletter from Pirate101, with all kinds of great news and pictures from the Pirate101 team.

Sadly, since all good things must end, the amazing Boochbeard pre-sale bundle will be leaving soon.  Sunday, November 11th will be the last day you can buy this great bundle – and I can tell you, it’s definitely worth it!!

Also in Pirate 101, the test realm opened for the first time!!  It’s closed now – sorry about that, I missed it too – but this just means that there are already cool new things on the horizon, and I can’t wait to see them!!

That’s my big update for now, but Ditto will have lots of new videos and fun coming very soon – probably tomorrow, really… until then, have fun and play safe!!
Ditto P. Monster

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