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Ditto’s Week 3 Spooky Contest Winners Announced!

Ditto got a TON of great entries for this contest – there sure are a LOT of spooky places in The Spiral!!  Here are the three Grand Prize winners – all have been notified by email already.  Congratulations to the winners!  I’ll post the Week 4 Contest some time tomorrow.

Grand Prize Winners:

Ian DrakeHaven  –  Nightside where death school is at is the spookiest place in the spiral because each time I go there for something I always feel that im going to be eaten by the death tree. its so dark and with sharp teeth gives my the creeps.

Brandon Sandcloud –  I think the spookiest place in the spiral is that gated cave right outside of stormdrain tower in the haunted cave (pic attached for reference). The way the fog creeps out of it and the way it flows into the basin below is just eerie. The spookiest thing though is that I have no idea what is in that cave. The fog itself is creepy but imagination knows no bounds so it really could be anything in that cave, and that is the spookiest thought of all. Myth is the magic of the shadows, and sometimes the creatures it summons are terrifying and as a Myth wizard, I find this at times unsettling.
Ashley Rosetamer – Hands down, it’s definitely the Well of Spirits. I always get the chillies whenever I see the ghosts floating up there.The whole color atmosphere too, purple, green, and black. SPOOKY.
Congratulations to the winners – Thanks everyone, have fun and play safe!!!
Ditto P. Monster

One response

  1. Ian DrakeHaven

    thank you ditto the monster you’ve earned a fallower

    October 21, 2012 at 1:14 am

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