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Pirate 101 Launch and Pre-Release Specials Announced!

That’s right, in an article with Forbes Magazine, KingsIsle has finally given us an idea of when Pirate101 will launch!

“Pirate101 will launch in “early October,” KingsIsle has exclusively revealed to Forbes, and the game will be available for pre-sale orders on September 19 –International Talk Like A Pirate Day.” 

Pirate 101 Image

According to the article, gamers who purchase pre-release bundles will be able to play the game a week early, and there’s lots of in-game perks like pets and weapons available as well.  The mega ‘Boochbeard’ bundle also grants access to the beta, so you could start playing as early as today! (Remember, beta characters will be wiped before launch, so if you start playing now, don’t get too attached to your characters.)

So polish off your musket, give the parrot some crackers, weigh anchor (Boy, it’s heavy!) and get ready for some amazing action on the high ‘seas’ – Pirate101 is almost here!!!

One response

  1. Rachel dreamsong

    ditto i noticed your voice is a bit different lately

    idk if its just me or if ya might be sick
    well if you are sick i hope you get better

    and yay 😀 bundles before it even comes out
    i am gonna buy the boochbeard one 😀

    September 20, 2012 at 1:34 pm

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