Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Saturday Special! Celestian Adventures with a senator and a pirate!

Ditto is putting up two videos today, because there’s a lot going on and he wants to be ready for Zafaria soon!!

First up we have Ditto getting back to the Calypso pirates with a map to their treasure – but there’s a problem!  The pirates have no idea where to look for the treasure and need a compass.  Of course the only compass in all of Celestia is being held by a Piscean general named Hexfin, and Ditto will need to convince him to give it back… wonder how that will go?

Ditto and The Pirates

The second video is an interesting setup.  Crustacean Senator Nellek is an ambassador to the Pisceans, but they have stolen important documents and Nellek needs Ditto to get them back.  Nellek is a bit unusual, though, and makes some odd claims…  Ditto thinks this will be interesting.

Ditto And Senator Nellek

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