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Ditto fixes a Robot in the Lunarium… Kinda.

Ditto finds the power core and sensorium in his first fight! With the power core he’s able to power the sentry robot back on, but it still can’t really do much more than tell him to go talk to some other guy, who long ago wove a ‘binding of lethargy’ upon the sentry. (Insert ‘that sounds like my mom/dad/brother/sister/cat on Saturday mornings’ joke here – I did…)

So Ditto talks to this guy, Koltan Gloomfane, who is actually really nice, and would LOVE to help Ditto, but there’s a problem…. Koltan gave the re-activation codes to his three henchmen, with names like Killy McKillsalot, Stabby o’Slashy, and Trogdor the Burninator. Ditto will have to defeat all three to revive that sentry… hmmm, the things they make you do when the warranty expires.

One response

  1. Allison Deathwielder

    hey ditto, just thought i would let you know the jellyfish was the quest reward for the quest just before entering the lunarium. It hatched in battle, so it shouldnt still need to hatch.

    April 27, 2012 at 12:59 pm

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