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Video for Malistaire’s Lament! As heard on The Daring Adventures of Ditto and Ravenwood Radio!

I have gotten so much great feedback from this song, and had so many people ask me for an MP3 of it, that I wanted to do something fun and new with it, something I had never tried before, so I created a video for the song!!  I used cuts from the original Malistaire commercial for Wizard101 and some parts of the Malistaire battle cutscene.  I hope people like it – I really like how it came out!

The MP3 is also available here:

Malistaire’s Lament – MP3

Lyrics: (To the tune of ‘Jack’s Lament’ from Nightmare Before Christmas)

There are few who deny at what I do I am the best, my dark magic is renowned far and wide.
When it comes to surprises in the dragonspyre night, I excel without ever really trying,

With the slightest little effort of my death school charms,
I have seen grown kroks give out a shriek!

With the wave of my hand and a well placed spell,
I have swept the best of wizards off their feet…

But year after year it’s the same routine,
and I grow so wearing of the sound of screams…
I tire of this role, if they only understood,
I’d give it all up if I only could….

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