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Party Planning Day 1 – A Tour of Ditto’s Houses!

So in preparation for my big Second Wizardversary party I wanted to give people a quick tour of my houses – I’ve got an Island Getaway, Sun Palace, Sultan’s Palace, Fire Tower and Ice House all linked together with portals, so there’s plenty of room to explore!

I’ve also added a fun ‘secret portal adventure’ route, which is a series of portals that are in strange or out of the way places, like a secret haunted room or hidden jungle ruins.  If you find one and go through it, you’ll be able to find portals near every landing spot to get to the next adventure… The areas are all interesting and fun, so you’ll want to find them all!

There is also a super secret portal that leads to a secret house that’s not ‘on the map’…  I have something special planned for that!

I’ve still got lots of decorating to do before Friday -I can’t wait for everyone to see it all!  Don’t forget – Friday at 8pm EST, Ditto’s Second Wizardversary Party!!

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