Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Ditto battles Piscean warriors!

I’m in the District of the Stars, doing quests, and it seems the majority of these quests involve dueling these monster shark warriors, the Pisceans.  I guess it’s good that I like how they look, because I’ve been looking at them for DAYS now!  Anyway, I had to defeat a bunch for this cool Celestian robot-guy, Thule Landshaper, and here is my final battle.  I show my deck setup a bit at the beginning – it’s pretty minimal right now, mostly containing Fire dragons, Giant spells, buffs, and astral spells.  I have a couple Wraith as last resort ‘get some health and do some damage’ spells, too.  This was a pretty cool fight, and I like the quest wrap-up afterwards too.

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