Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Ditto’s Video Bloggy Thingy – December 17th, 2011

Hi everybody, it is the Ditto, and it is an all new video bloggy thingy!  I know me has been away for a while, a lot longer than usual – sorry about dat.   Sometimes, things happen to monsters – and people too – that are not very fun and kind of sad, and it takes a while to get things sorted out and to get back into your regular routine.  If that happens, it’s definitely OK, and it’s OK to talk about – it’s better if you talk about it, really.  Everybody feels sad sometimes, even furry monsters.  But, if you find that you’re feeling sad for a long time, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better, you should definitely talk to someone about it, because there are so many things to be happy about.

So Ditto is doing his video bloggy thingy again, and will get back into his videos and exploring too!  I guess I should do a Twitter Report – I haven’t done one of those in AGES, and since my last one I’ve broken 600 followers!!  618 to be exact!  Thank you to all my wonderful followers, I really appreciate all the feedback, it makes me smile!

Other non-Wizard 101 related news is that my good friend Jenna Greene has finished her new CD, with the help of all the wonderful people who donated on her Kickstarter, and you can already download the finished CD on BandCamp!  The physical CD will be out as soon as the artwork and packaging is complete and ready.  I’ve listened to it about a hundred times already, and it’s SO good!

So in Wizard 101, I am still in Celestia, and doing pretty well.  Celestia is definitely tricky, but my awesome Pyromancer’s skills are up to the task!  I love the combo of strong + fire dragon with a couple blades and an amplify – I can set it up in 3 turns and I’m able to take out pretty much anything I’m facing, short of that scary Cthulhu guy…  I have to say that  Celestia has become my second favorite world after Krokotopia!  I love the design and the style, and I especially love the story, it’s so fun and interesting so far, I can’t wait to see where it goes.  Of course I’m also trying to get to Zafaria, and I have a personal goal of being ready for the NEXT new world whenever it comes out, which means I probably have until spring to finish Celestia and Zafaria?  I think me can do it!

In other Wizard101 news, I LOVE the holidays in the spiral, and I love all the decorations and contests this year.  Ditto is still working on my holiday song rewritten for Wizard 101 for the Ravenwood Radio contest – I think it is coming out so fun.  I can’t wait to share it 🙂  The Chrismoose is a wonderful thing too, so cute and for a very good cause.  The candy cane mounts are just adorable too – oh, it’s all so fun and awesome!  Anyway, I am happy to be back in the game and having lots of holiday fun!  I hope you are too!!

Well, that’s all for now, talk to you again soon!!  See you in the spiral!!


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