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New Stuff…. Ditto in Celestia and back online

So thanks to a number of factors, including a freak pre-Halloween snowstorm you might have heard about, I haven’t been doing much online for the past few days.  I’m back now, thankfully, with lots more great Celestia videos and an all-new Daring Adventures of Ditto for tonight’s Ravenwood Radio, so I’m very excited!

There has been a huge announcement from Wizard 101 what I was only recently able to really read through.  This includes a new world, Zafaria, which is a great looking African-themed realm with lots of amazing looking new content. It also includes something I’m very excited about – Grub Guardian, a new tower defense styled mini game that will be available for web and soon for mobile iOS devices, that seems to allow players to level their pets from outside of the game.  I love tower defense games, and i love my pets, so I’m very excited for this particular news!

Of course for most people, the biggest news will be the new level cap increase, from 60 to 70, and of course new spells!!  I’ve seen the video and I was impressed by some of the new spells it showed.  I’m assuming the volcano is the new fire spell (can’t wait!!), and I saw a great looking Chimera (Myth?), a stampede of wooly mammoths (Ice!), A monster gnome (Bizarre!), an amazing earth-looking dragon (It crawled out of the earth, anyway)  and the coolest yet, Frankenstein!  I’m assuming that one is storm, with all the electricity and lightning flashing around.


I’m very excited for this new world, especially since I’m already in Celestia and doing really well!  I truly love the Celestian design and layout and architecture, and the quests are a lot of fun, with really challenging fights!  I’ve got a ton of videos that I’ll be putting out, since I just love Celestia so much and it’s been great to film me exploring there!!

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