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Ditto’s House-A-Paloza contest – The Winners!!!

So here they are, at long last, the winners of Ditto’s House-A-Palooza contest, all randomly chosen from the qualified entries that were sent in, and all winners have already been notivied via the email address they entered the contest with.

I got so many great entries, thank you so much for sending them in!!  There were a bunch of people who even sent in pictures to go with their monsters!  I had a great time reading your entries, and I hope you had fun entering the contest!  Anyway, here are the winners:

Winner 1 – Ruby:
I have the “Hidey Hole” monster under my bed..Shes a prankster, she hides things ,moves them to different places and sometimes puts them back so I think I’m a little loopy. She never makes anything disappear forever..just long enough to make you a liitle nuts !!!

Winner 2 – Alex
My monster is a little pink ball of fluff that lives under my bed and eats my lost socks that have been stranded under my bed, His name is Moth and he sleeps in an old matchbox!!   But I love Moth really!!! He will be 700 years old on the 1st of September so wish him a happy birthday!!!!!!! The picture attached is Moth on one of his ‘good days’

Winner 3 – Michelle
It is  a small furry rainbow colored monster. It is very nice and sweet.

Winner 4 – Brennan
The monster thats under my bed is poof he’s a dragon that blows hearts

Winner 5 – Jason
A blue and furry monster lives under my bed

Winner 6 – Dakota
A little Ditto monster lives under my bed! Except he’s red not orange like you

Winner 7 – Ben
The monster under my bed is a storm monster that charges my phone and gives me a light when I read my books.It also provides electricity for the family so we don’t have to pay the electricity bill.

Winner 8 – Saffron Gem
The monsters under my bed are dust bunnies.

Winner 9 – Austin
The monster that lives under my bed watches transformers with me every month and has horn with popcorn and marshmallow plants on them and they grow when he is happy he also breathes a small fire which is right temperature for it to be a golden brown color. He looks like a small cute little 2 foot tall dragon with tiny wings and he can barely fly higher than my ankle so I gave to pick him up and put him on my bed so we can watch tv .

Winner 10 – Jordan
a funny helpful monster lives under my bed he is like a mander who is my personal servent.

Winner 11 – Michelle R
On a dark and rainy night I couldn’t sleep    I heard animals barking and the clock ticking. Suddenly I heard the door swung open and the window open there was a big brown and fluffy monster under my bed  we both screamed and the monster went back into hiding under  my bed while I went rushing out of my bedroom suddenly a cricket from the window jumped on the monster back and the monster started to giggle I realized that the monster wasn’t bad after all.Then I went and told my mom and dad there is a friendly monster under my bed. My mom said let go meet this friendly monster my mom told the monster hello. At first the monster was shy  but then he started to talk after all I got to know him and called him fluffy and there was always fluffy under my bed that took care of me.                 The end

Winner 12 – Samantha Moonheart
One night i was having a bad dream.Tossing and turning.Then i heard a comforting voice luring me back into a peaceful sleep. The next day in the morning i asked my parents if they were the ones comforting me, and they said they were sleeping. When i went to bed that night, i stayed up to try to see him and i did! He was a monster and i actually was startled at first but we became good friends. He was as fuzzy and soft as the softest teddy bear in the world. He played with me at night and he was the one i could tell my secrets and thoughts to. He would always understand like a diary.

Winner 13 – Mollie/Molly
The Monster That Lives Under My Bed!
Under my bed lives a monster.
He is Cute,Furry and Round.
He smile’s alot and eat’s alot
Did I include he bounces around?
His favorite food is sock’s
And his favorite drink is juice
And his favorite game is Hide and Seek
so he can hide underneath the Moose!
So I am told you about my Monster
Who lives underneath my Bed
But did I mention?
His name is Fred!

Winner 14 – Heather Skystrider
my monster is the klytpo monster. He eats one sock of the pair or 1 glove of the match. He is a fun loving monster and is only playing. wanting to hear me laugh. he is fuzzy and made from dust bunnies.

Winner 15 – Clare
Under my bed lives a shy little monster blob. She has fluffy pink fur and big blue eyes. She isn’t shy of me but is very shy in front of other people. Don’t scare her!

One response

  1. Mollie/Molly

    Yay! Thanks Ditto!

    August 23, 2011 at 10:41 am

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