Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Ditto finds a jewelcrafter stuck in a jewel…

So I was wandering around DragonSpyre, looking for a crystal headpiece for my snazzy Dragon Rider’s staff, when I came across Milaka Jewlbender, a jeweler and crystal crafter, who happened to be trapped in an actual bock of crystal.  This did not instill a lot of confidence in her skills-  kind of like finding out your mechanic was late for work because his car broke down…  Anyway, since she was the only person around who might be able to help me, I helped her out of her predicament, and in return she… sent me to kill crystal spiders…  Sigh.

For anyone who has not been following my adventures from the beginning, I have a special relationship with crystal and ice spiders.  Kind of like Indiana Jones and snakes…  and now to get my crystal staff, I have to duel dozens of them.  In this case, I did not even record my duels against the spiders because… um…

Because the camera could not possibly survive the awesomeness….  Yeah, that sounds about right.

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