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Ditto’s Video Bloggy Thingy August 3rd

So here is my weekly video bloggy thingy for this week – I haven’t been online too much, but I did finish the ‘Onyx Chests’ quest for Dragonspyre and made it one step closer to facing the dread Malistaire!!  The transcript for this video is below, as well…


Twitter – 474 followers!  I’m almsot at 500 followers, which is a big deal for me!  I can’t wait until I hit 500, that will be awesome!

I haven’t been online much in the last week or so – the weather has been beautiful and I have been out enjoying it a lot, so that’s why there are not many videos lately.  I’ve been swimming and biking and we had a big cookout this weekend – Gardein ‘ultimate meatless burgers’ are the best vegan bugers I’ve ever had, by the way.  It was rainy yesterday and looks cloudy already today, so I’ll have more videos up soon, don’t worry.

As far as Wizard 101, what play time I have had lately has been focused on the Onyx Chests quest – I think this was a fun re-use of the old quest areas, and it was lots of fun to go through Krokotopia – still my favorite – with a level 48 Digby armed with fire dragon.  Not many bosses or fights in the game can last long against that spell – and it’s AOE, so that’s awesome.

So I was able to finish the onyx chests quest – which I didn’t film, because I’ve filmed all those fights before – and I’m ready to continue my way into Dragonspyre – I don’t think there’s too much left, so we really are getting close to Malistaire! I’ve got big plans for that fight, me getting very excited!

Finally, tonight is another edition of Ravenwood Radio, including an all new Daring Adventures of Ditto!  I can’t wait – I’ll be there even though it’s at the same time as ‘Shark Week’ – that’s just the best thing on TV right now, isn’t it?  I loves me so shark week!

Anyway, remember to play safe, and I’ll see you in the spiral!


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