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The Return to Crab Alley – The Big Finish!

So here it is, the big finale for ‘Return to Crab Alley’!  I didn’t get the final fight with Amadeo, we had technical issues (Carl!) and honestly, that fight only lasted two turns.  Amadeo was big, but he wasn’t all that tough…

After the duel with the fake king, the quest ends on a very cute note where I have to help the real king, Thermidor, deliver some love poetry to the one woman – er, crab – that knew he had been replaced by an imposter.  The only problem with that was the fact that it was Thermidor’s poetry, which is about the quality of Vogon poetry when you get right down to it.  I think listening to the poetry was harder than the final boss fight.  Maybe the poetry WAS the final boss fight… hmmm.

Overall, this was a fun and entertaining quest line that, while it took a little longer than I anticipated, was a really nice diversion and gave me a few genuine laughs.  I love seeing KingsIsle add things like this to the game, where it’s fun and interesting and really lighthearted.  i look forward to more like it in the future!  Now – back to Dragonspyre!!

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