Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Ditto’s Weekly Video Bloggy Thingy – July 19th

So here it is, my weekly video bloggy thingy – as I’ve been doing lately, I am including a transcript – it’s close, anyway…

The twitter report – I now have 451 followers! Oh wow! That is still pretty amazing to me!

Currently in Wizard 101 –

Digby has finished ‘Return to Crab Alley’ and is back in Dragonspyre now, making his way towards the evil and naughty Malistaire. I should be there pretty soon! Fire Dragon is the most amazing spell, talk about damage! It’s awesome!

Destiny is level 20 now, I’m posting a new Destiny Project report this week, just need time to finish it. This project is really interesting, I’m learning a lot about playing and especially deck construction, since having a deck that can only hold a handful of cards makes deck construction really critical!

The big question for me this week was should I keep Madame Jasmine or swap out with my new level 48 pet, my helephant. I’m going to take the advice of a number of people who told me to train the helephant up and see what skills manifest, then use the helephant when I need her, and keep Madame Jasmine as well. Sounds good to me, so that’s what I’ll do!

It has been HOT around here lately – this is not a good situation when you’re covered with thick fur, you know? It gets pretty toasty, but I’ve still been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying the fresh air, riding my bike (always wear a helmet!) and things like that. I hope everyone is having a nice fun summer, there’s so much to do, it can be lots of fun!

That’s about it for now. There’s a new Ravenwood Radio tomorrow night with another thrilling ‘Daring Adventures of Ditto’, so I’m excited for that! It’s definitely going to be a good one.

So until next week, Have a great week, and always play safe!!


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