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Ditto’s Weekly Video Bloggy Thingy – July 12th

Here it is, my weekly video bloggy thingy – it’s been a slow news week and I’ve been camping and enjoying the outdoors a lot – being outside is fun and awesome.  I’ve also got a somewhat accurate transcript posted below, because a few people ave asked for that previously.

July 12th

Summer vacation – had a really nice time camping, and didn’t even get my fur too wet!  HAd a long shampoo after we got back, though, and spent a couple hours blow drying my fur.

I do love to be outside – playing computer games is a lot of fun, but not nearly as fun as riding my bike or working in the garden or kayaking.  Yes, monsters like kayaking, it is fun and very exciting – you should try it.  Always wear a life vest though, to be safe.

So it has been a pretty big week for the twitter – I am up to 436 followers!  That is a lot and it makes Ditto very happy, and I love the great feedback I get and enjoy the lots of very nice people I meet.

Even though I haven’t been playing too much, I’ve made some progress in the game, as you will see this week – Dragon Time!!  Very exciting there, with the awesome dragon spell.  I have bene playing Digby more, though I will be playind Destiny a lot this week to get her to the next milestone level, and I’ll have a good article about that.

Aside from that, Ditto doesn’t have much to talk abotu yet.  I DO have two top secret projects that will be announced soon – one is nearly ready, the other is… less than ready, but I’m hopeful.  Ditto thinks you will like them both very much!

That’s it for now – slow news week I guess – but I’ll see you in the spiral – play safe!!


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