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Ditto and more PvP

I do love PvP lately, and I’ve had a few requests for videos of me doing PvP, so here’s a fun one.  This is me against another pyromancer, and I didn’t have any fire prisms in my deck (oversight on my part) – it was a great challenge!  Did I win?  You’ll have to watch to see!!

One response

  1. Garrett

    Congratz on the win Ditto!
    By the way, when you are in combat with another player and that player happens to be the same school as you (i.e a Pyromancer), prisms don’t boost the attack on the enemy (the other player). That only works in PvE (mob fights or boss fights). Just a little fun fact lol.

    May 25, 2011 at 1:50 am

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