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Ditto versus General Greystone…

Once again deep in the heart of Dragonspyre, I need to defeat ‘General Greystone’ and his Irate Banshee minion. Wonder what makes her so irate? Maybe it’s just a Dragonspyre thing…
The duel went well overall – I took out the Irate Banshee first, with a ‘monstrous’ buffed Helephant, and then focused on the General himself. For the general my winning hit was 4201 damage – not bad!
With the higher health levels in Dragonspyre I find that I’m not using Meteor Strike much at all, mostly using helephants and damage buffs against my opponents.
I do want to try to find an ice trap spell, then I can cast ice trap, fire prism, fire trap and increase damage even more.

One response

  1. Sorry Ditto, Professor Greyrose will only teach the Ice Trap spell to her own students. You can find it on some treasure cards, or check the Bazaar for a Pendant of the Icy Soul that comes with two Ice Trap cards. Or learn the Elemental Traps from Niles, use the fire trap like normal then add a prism to use the ice trap on your next hit. (You can’t use both in the same attack.)

    May 3, 2011 at 2:49 pm

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