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So one of the great benefits of getting to level 45 recently is that Level 45 opens up a whole new tier of equipment. Having a decent amount of gold in my possession, I took Digby Hexcrafter down to the Bazaar and did a little shopping. I’m sure I didn’t get the very BEST gear out there, but I made some pretty dramatic improvements overall, especially since there were a few things I hadn’t updated since level 30, I think….

So here is my new equipment – I’m really happy with it!

Ditto's New Equipment

Digby Hexcrafter has a whole new look!

I stitched my old shroud (which I still love) to a new ‘Gurtok Fireshroud’, giving me +200 Heatlh, +3% Fire Accuracy, +8% Fire Damage.

The very cool looking ‘Chronius’ Cloak of the Inferno’ – +200 health, +4% fire accuracy, +9% fire damage.

General Firetusk’s Flameboots – +100 max heatlh, +3% fire accurracy, +7% fire damage.

My new favorite staff – ‘Blackrock’s Obsidian Blade’ – Give 1 power pip and 5 cards, the 95 damage ‘Major Fire Scorch’ – and it looks so cool!

My new Athame, the ‘Claw of Conciliation’ – +110 mana and +10% power pip chance.

I found ‘Kraysys’ ring of Betrayal’, which give me +176 health and +15% chance for power pips. Not bad!

Finally, and with much glee, I found one ‘Snowcrusher’s Flame Pendant’ which grants a Helephant card – always handy to have a Helephant up your sleeve!

So there you have it – +33% fire damage, +10% fire accuracy, 61% Chance for power pips, +778 health and +110 mana, not to mention a Helephant card, from my current equipment. Makes me a happy Ditto!

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  1. Gratz, Ditto!

    March 22, 2011 at 7:21 pm

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