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The longest fight ever….

I was fighting evil in the Village of Sorrow and was doing a pretty amazing job – I had retrieved this crazy mystical cage and forged my very own soul chain, I was a one monster army, taking no prisoners! Finally, I’m talking to the adorable little lamb ghost Ken Shui and he says ‘Ditto, you’ve done an amazing job, thank you so much. Now, please go talk to my master in the village Dojo to finish your task, as he is wise in the ways of spirits’ or something like that. OK, maybe I didn’t catch every single syllable, as I was eating crab rangoons at the time, but I got the general meaning, you know?
Well, I walk into the dojo and see the spooky ghostly master, but as I go talk to him he disappears and is replaced by this huge fire boss named Usunoki, and a massive fight begins! At this point I QUICKLY realize that my deck is stacked for taking on wandering street mobs from Death and Myth school, NOT fire bosses, and I run away and hide.
I returned shorty afterward, however, with my deck stacked for Fire Boss, and the battle began! This turned into one of the longest and most epic battles of my life, since Usunoki keeps tossing up ice shields before I got my fire prisms up. It was such a hard fight, and there was more than one time I thought I wasn’t going to win, believe me! I was, however, victorious! I’ve got the video here, but it’s the longest I’ve ever posted – I think it’s almost as long as a standard season of Dr. Who on the BBC… It’s a good battle though!
In the future, against a fire boss I’m going to switch to my ice staff – that would have let me break his ice shields easily without using up my precious prisms. Still would have popped the feint spells, but that’s not as bad as burning my whole stack of fire buffs only to be blocked by -80% ice damage sheild.

2 responses

  1. Definitely pack a wand of your opposite school! You only need to worry about ice shields that go up before your Prism, an ice wand would zap it right out of the way.

    February 11, 2011 at 3:24 pm

  2. What Sierra said! Although I see you are going to do that :). Anyways, if you want to get out a fight w/out fleeing, you can simply press that ‘ESC’ button and Quit, then ‘Play’ again. Hope that helps 🙂

    February 11, 2011 at 10:59 pm

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