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Gardening Part 3 – The Fruits of my Loom…

I think that’s actually supposed to be ‘fruits of my labors’ but whatever… So I’ve been gardening for a few days now and it’s OK – not as fun as huge Oni fights and Helephants, but it’s a cute diversion, and I DO find myself checking on my little plants a few times a day just to make sure they’re happy..

Ditto's First Garden

A Boom Shroom, Despairagus, and Dandilion

So I’ve got my first little garden, my Boom Shroom, Despairagus, and Dandilion, and I planted a second patch of three Pink Dandilions the next day, they’re still coming to maturity, I can’t wait to see what they grow! I’ve had a few harvests, reagents and a little gold, but it’s nice to see the plants grow up, it’s so cute to see their little animations. The Boom Shroom is adorable the way it ‘pops’ every few minutes, the top blowing up like an old Loony Tunes cartoon.

Pink Dandilion Patch

My Pink Dandilion Patch

Growing them has been really easy, because it’s very clear what they need – water, pollination, pest control, etc… It makes it very casual and even kind of relaxing when there’s no need to stress over what’s wrong with your plants or how to fix it, but the need for things like watering and music help invest me in the plants and the growing process, almost like a pet that can’t really do any tricks…

I’ll probably do a bit more gardening – it was fun to try but I don’t think I’m going to be shooting for master gardener any time soon – not when The Spiral is still in peril!!


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