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It’s funny how things sneak up on you…

I’ve been playing a bunch of Wizard 101 lately, more than usual, as I’ve REALLY been enjoying Mooshu and we’ve been buried under a ton of snow. I’ve been enjoying my adventures and general questing so much that little details like XP and leveling haven’t been on my radar much. I know the last time I checked my level I was level 39 – I remember because I was all excited to be nearly level 40 and was planning on sending out a message to Twitter when I finally hit the big 4-0…

Digby hit Level 42

Digby looking cool in Mooshu

Imagine my surprise then while playing in the burial grounds tonight, I leveled fighting that awesome flame boss Ember Everburn and get a note from Professor Falmea saying she has a new spell for me. A new spell wasn’t a surprise, as level 40 sounds like a good place to get a new spell, but when I go to train I see Helephant. But, Helephant is level 42? What’s up with that? Sure enough, somehow I had made it all the way to level 42 without realizing it, and was able to train up with both Helephant and Wraith – now I am armed to the teeth!!

That’s what I LOVE about this game and it’s something I’ve tried to impart on others in the past – it’s NOT about leveling or reaching some end goal, that should have very little to do with the overall experience. In Mooshu it’s especially appropriate, as the great Moodha would probably say the same thing – the destination is just one more step on the path of a thousand steps, each one just as important and enjoyable as the last.

Feeling all philosophical now… but Helephant is AWESOME!!

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