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Ditto’s Adventures in Counterweight West – Bring on the Boss!!

Here is my first (and, sadly, second, and surely not final) attempt at the final boss fight in the Counterweight West dungeon. This is a really tough fight! The final boss, Bellows, is a rank 6 storm school boss who seems to LOVE throwing storm sharks. His minions like tossing elemental shields too, which can really throw a wrench in a pyromancers plans!
I’m pretty sure this was my first ‘Third Time’s a Charm’ battle, but I was eventually successful! I’ll post the winning fight a little later to show you what I changed to finally beat the mighty Bellows!

One response

  1. aww such bad luck! 😦 you shouls bring some freinds there (if you have any)its really hard there…

    December 6, 2010 at 12:50 am

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