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Celestia has arrived!!

So I’m not going to have the awesome ‘Here’s Celestia, here’s the awesome new quests and spells’ coverage that the other awesome blogs like Friendly Necromancer and Diary of a Wizard and of COURSE Ravenwood Radio are going to have, because Digby is still just level 33 and adventuring through Marleybone. I WILL, however, show you a picture of my new Ancient Koi mount!! Squeee! I love all the new mounts, like the turtle and a adorable seahorse, but the Koi just really makes me smile, I love the animation, and hey, it’s bright orange, so it works with my awesome Pyromancer skills AND matches my fur!
Anyway – I’ve got lots more coming up, but just wanted to say Hi and ‘Welcome, Celestia!!!’ – enjoy everyone, see you in the Spiral!!!

Ditto's new Ancient Koi mount

My new Ancient Koi mount in Wizard 101

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