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Detective Ditto versus Mister Incinerator

As part of my new spell quest for Professor Falmea, I had to go to Chelsea Court and find ‘Mister Incinerator’, a crazy creepy storm boss who burns things in his belly… I was feeling confident, until I realized I was fighting a 1000 health and a 2000 health storm boss… This was a very hard fight and I’ll admit, I was unprepared and I fell victim to my own overconfidence. One problem was lack of heals – I think I only had two in my deck, and only the lower end pixie, not the higher cost Satyr.

I did beat him on my THIRD try (I didn’t film it, sadly, I just wanted to get it done…) and got my less than useful Fire Minion – though admittedly the fire minion might have been useful in this particular duel, ironically…

2 responses

  1. Blaze Deathcaster

    I had the same experience a couple of weeks ago. The duel starts, you see those health numbers come up, and then you think, “What?! Seriously? We’re only in Marleybone. These guys are huge.” Big test to get a spell you won’t use much, eh?

    Oh well, it’s still easier than the Death and Life card quest that makes you defeat Freddy Nine Lives nine times in a row.

    September 23, 2010 at 1:43 pm

  2. @Blaze – Freddy isn’t all that bad, at least he doesn’t have a buddy with him attacking you at the same time, and you can heal up between fights.

    @Ditto – All of the Marleybone spell quests are pretty rough, so don’t feel bad about it taking a few tries. It took me six or seven fights to defeat Nimah the Wicked (a 2000 Health Myth Banshee) for my Ice minion. She taught me a lot about deck strategy, watching what spells she uses against me and then figuring out what cards I’ve got to counter them.

    September 24, 2010 at 3:08 pm

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