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My battle with Krokopatra – take 1

So I made it through to the end of the Temple of Storms and faced the mighty Krokopatra and her royal queens’ guard! Unfortunately I didn’t fare so well in this fight… There is a very important lesson here though – my key mistake was actually playing too offensively against a storm boss. Storm bosses are notorious for heavy damage, so I should have played more conservatively – namely, on the turn before I got blasted I chose a meteor strike over a spirit armor spell, even though I KNEW meteor strike wasn’t going to defeat the queen. Poor choice, and I paid the price for it.
Let this be a lesson to you – shields and heals when going up against a storm boss!!

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  1. Blaze Deathcaster

    Don’t feel too bad. I think we’ve all made that mistake.

    Sometimes we take a chance, going “all in” gambling that we’ll defeat the boss with one last hit when we know we should take our time and shield or heal instead, just in case the spell fizzles. That thrill is a fun part of the game. But then again, it’s just as common to do something dumb and think, “Darn, I know better than to do that!”

    For those who haven’t done Dragonspyre, there’s a very interesting quest there that will teach you a dramatic lesson about how effective shielding can be. I know it made an impression on me that I’ll never forget.

    Thanks for sharing your failures as well as your successes. We enjoy reading them and learn a lot from both.

    Blaze Deathecaster (Death level 50)
    Blaze Windrunner (Storm level 50)
    Blaze Shadowblade (Balance level 22)

    August 10, 2010 at 3:10 pm

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