Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

The life and times of a Crimsonzilla….

I’ve got more fun footage of Madame Jasmine playing the dance game in the Pet Pavilion. she really loves it so we have a lot of fun playing it together! We’re getting better too, and she loves getting her snacks, she makes the most fun little moves when I feed her. I love a happy Crimsonzilla!!

And speaking of happy and fun, how awesome was Ravenwood Radio last night? Leesha really scored in her interview with Kingsisle and got me way more excited about Celestia!! I mean seriously – some of those new creatures were awesome, and a squid mount? Seriously!! I know they didn’t come out and SAY we could get a squid mount, but those pictures really made things look amazingly cool!! Very excited about it now, definitely. I’m very curious what kinds of new pets we’ll see, too, and I’ve got to keep playing more so I can get my level up high enough to get in there and have some fun adventures when it opens!!

And speaking of adventures – Hope everyone is enjoying the new narrator! My new narrator is definitely getting pretty creepy lately isn’t she? Sending me and Madame Jasmine deep into spooky woods to collect crazy biting plants and now I’ve got to go hunt some scary forest demons and collect their wings? I can’t imagine what she has in store for me next but I’m sure it will be both daring and adventurous… thanks for everyone who enjoys the show and sends me notes and stuff, it makes me happy that people are liking my Daring Adventures…

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