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A furry orange monster’s guide to casting Heck Hound

This could also be called ‘Fabricated Americans are bad at math’….

I got my Heck Hound spell recently and started using it. I understood that it was a very powerful damage over time spell – probably the most powerful in the game – but I wasn’t really getting hthe results out of it I had expected. I did some research and finally figured out why…

Heck Hound Card

The Heck Hound - powerful damage over time fire spell

You see, when I read the card, it seemed pretty straight forward. It does 120 fire damage per pip for three rounds. Of course to me – I am a furry orange monster, after all – I was figuring 120 damage per pip per turn, and I was getting really confused when I was casting it with three or four pips and not seeing that kind of damage….

So now let’s talk about what the card REALLY does, ow that I finally figured it out… So if I cast the spell with only one pip, it will hit my opponent for 40 damage points per round for 3 rounds, totaling 120 points. The more pips you use the card with, the more damage you cause.

So, say I max out at 7 power pips, that’s really 14 pips. 14 x 120 = 1680 Total Damage over 3 rounds, which means 560 damage per round – that’s impressive! And if I add a fire blade to that spell, then it’s even MORE damage per round. That’s not a bad spell, assuming you can get it set up right. And assuming you actually understand math….

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