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Ditto and ‘Pet Farming’

After listening to Ravenwood Radio on Wednesday night I decided that ‘pet farming’ sounded kind of fun – or at least interesting – so I headed to Unicorn Way and started fighting Rattlebones. After a couple fights I streamlined my deck down to just Sun Birds and Leprechauns, so that I could take out old ‘bones and his minion in either 2 or 3 turns, minimizing my downtime. I am very pleased to say that after ‘a while’ of pet farming I won a 1 day pony mount and Miss Madison, a Myth Sprite. I know she’s not a super-duper pet, but I was pretty thrilled just to have gotten her, and she’s very pretty – here are pictures and a quick video of me doing some pet farming and kicking some Rattlebones butt…

One response

  1. Magnus Stormwind

    Stacking your deck specifically for a boss like that is a good idea, I never tried that. Thanks Ditto!! Love your videos!

    June 18, 2010 at 10:12 pm

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