Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Another unplanned delay between posts

I wanted to apologize for the time between this post and my last. Nothing bad happened, just, you know, ‘life’ – and let me tell you, the life of a Fabricated American is no less complex than regular people’s lives. Sometimes – like job hunting – it can be much more difficult. There’s still a lot of anti-Fabricated American prejudices out there in many industries. sure we’ve made huge strides in children’s television and stand-up comedy, but even in 2010 there are still a lot of industries that won’t take a Fabricated American job candidate seriously…

So as you might have guessed from the above mini-rant, this hiatus was due to me job hunting yet again. My roommate has dropped a few subtle hints lately, like ‘Get a job or I’ll turn you into a dishtowel’, which indicated that it was once again time to start looking for gainful employment. Thankfully, as of yesterday I have a new job with actual pay, working at the local public library reading to kids. Well, OK, it’s sweeping the floors and general custodial services MOST of the time, but I do an hour a day for Storytime… Granted it’s during my lunch break and so far no children have stayed to listen – I wonder if I should have started out with something a little easier than ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’? Hey, it’s a paycheck and my roommate is off my furry orange back, so I’m happy!

I would have done this as a video blog entry, but I’m at work now and they don’t have a camera, so I’ll have to put more video blogs together tonight after work. Also, the library BLOCKS Wizard 101! Can you believe that?!?! Unbelievable, I know. I’m curious what the over/under is for me getting fired again? Stay in school kids!!!

So speaking of Wizard 101, I am now well on my way to level 21 and then on to level 22 and Meteor Storm!! I really can’t wait! However I have a minor dilemma now – I’m in the middle of Krokotopia, in the Krokosphynx now, but Headmaster Ambrose wants to send me on a new mission to Grizzleheim! So do I drop Krok and go where Merle tells me, or do I keep focusing on Krok until I’m through, then hit the Grizzleheim tasks before Marelybone? What do other people do?

Finally, thanks everyone who sent me warm wishes and appreciation for my ‘Daring Adventures of Ditto’ radio drama, and thanks so much to Ravenwood Radio for playing them!! I have a great time doing them and I’m glad people are enjoying them – there’s definitely more coming. I do have to fire that narrator some day, though…

2 responses

  1. Hey Ditto,
    Take a small trip to Grizzlehiem you will be able to do one area then you can go back to krokotopia, it is fun change of sceanery

    Your friend,
    Paige MoonShade

    May 20, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    • Thanks Paige – I think I will do that. Tired of having sand in my fur….

      May 20, 2010 at 6:42 pm

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