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More of Digby’s Adventures in Wizard City…

Good morning fellow students!
So I have been doing so much adventuring in Wizard City with my little Pyromancer Digby! We have been through Unicorn Way, Triton Avenue, the very spooky Haunted Cave, and are now fighting Gobblers in Collosus Boulevard. Digby is now level 14, just a hair away from Level 15, and we’re about ready to finish up Collosus Blvd. and head over to Krokotopia!!

Digby Meets the Gobbler King

Digby Meets the Gobbler King

Of course, I have another task ahead of me – I’ve just gotten the Sunken City quest! I’ve heard that this is not for the faint of heart and should be done in a group, so I think I’m going to appeal to friends to maybe pick a time and help me out with that one. I’m excited to try it, but it seems pretty intense.

So speaking of intense, I tried crafting. OK, Crafting is not at all intense, but it was an easy segue. I talked to Eudora Tangletree, who gave me a wonderful crafting table and then sold me a recipe for the Dagger of Absolution in order to complete her quest…

Now, let me tell you, that’s a pretty good scam right there. She’s got a quest for you, gets you all eager to become a novice crafter, then she tells you that you have to pay her and her shady henchman for the stuff you need to complete her quest… Seems fishy to me, anyway.

So I crafted my two daggers – was a little underwhelmed by the process, to be honest – and got my novice crafter badge and another quest to talk to an even BETTER crafter in… dun dun dun…. Krokotopia!! So now I’ve got anyother reason to get my furry orange self over there to the land of sand and… yikes… beetles and lizards. Gulp.

Finally – I’ve nearly level 15 and I’ve got a good feel for my Fire School spells, I’m really loving the big hits from my Sunbird and stacking muliple damage over time spells and watching my enemies wither to defeat. I’m thinking I want to explore more options on my secondary school, though… I’ve been fighting lots of ice minions in Collosus Blvd. and I like some of their spells – they’ve got some solid shields and such. Balance seems pretty cool too – you can buff and shield against lots of things. I’ve got a few training points rattling around in my pocket right now (Metaphorically – I don’t actually have any pockets) and I’m curious how I’d want to spend them. Anyone have any suggestions?

See you in The Spiral…. PLOX!

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  1. Four training points in Life school gets you Sprite as well as a myth/death combo shield. Or for six points in Ice school you get Tower Shield (my favorite spell overall) along with a fire/storm combo shield.

    Friendly’s blog has a link to a skillpoint planner you can use to try out different combos and see what works best for you.

    April 15, 2010 at 4:39 pm

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