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so I’m back… and confused

Sorry it’s been a few days, more like a week. I’m a very busy Fabricated American sometimes and just got a bit too busy to film my most recent Wizard 101 adventures! I’ll have videos back up soon, though…

In the meantime, I was given a gift card by my roommate and it came with a new pet – a VERY cute and awesome CrimsonZilla – a little bitty red dinosaur that matches my outfit AND gives me health and boosts my damage. She’s very cute and follows me around all over the place, I really like her.

Wizard 101 CrimsonZilla

Digby hanging out with his new pet CrimsonZilla

So I did make level 10 as I was playing the other night and I’m almost level 11 – I should have that level today because I’m finally done with other stuff and can get back to some serious wizarding. I have noticed a new phenomena however and it seems to be more prevalent in the higher level areas. I will begin a fight with, say, a lumbering troll, and as I’m fighting another student will join in the fight and bring another creature to fight – this is normal and something I would expect. the odd thing, though, is that many times, this student will just stand there and not do anything. They’ll let the timer run out without choosing a spell, or they’ll pass every turn, or maybe just throw a shield on themselves. In any case, they aren’t helping me to fight the new creature they just forced to join the duel and I have to manage the whole fight on my own, while presumably these students get credit for defeating the monsters I just fought. If it happened once or twice I might have chalked it up to coincidence, but it has happened multiple times now and in several cases I’ve come pretty close to defeat with no assistance from the other students. I find that a little rude…

Worry not, though – I’m still having a great time and looking forward to more amazing adventures in The spiral! Next video I believe I will start attacking my dorm room – I wonder if I can keep a virtual room clean, since my roommate believes I am physically incapable of keeping my physical room neat…

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