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A big weekend in The Spiral!

I had a great time this weekend in Wizard City! I’m almost level 10 now – might make it to level 10 by the end of the night!

So I met with Headmaster Ambrose and he told me to go see this guy named Diego. Well, Diego wanted to teach me even more about the wonderful world of dueling and had some great advice for me. Then he had to go and do it… For training he had me fight a PUPPET! Yup, he used the ‘P’ word!! You might think a guy who looks like a horse would be a bit more sensitive! So he sends me into the dueling ring to fight this ‘puppet’ – which was in reality a golem, not even an actual PUPPET (Golems are Animates, not fabricated folk… there’s a difference!) and he has me fight it for ‘training’. It was a weird and uncomfortable situation, I can tell you that much, but I did learn more about dueling, which encouraged me to try…

PVP! I tried some practice PVP matches and I think I am hooked! They seem to be much more exciting than normal fights, and the spells people use are amazing! Someone attacked me with the Storm Kraken, then someone else attacked me with some kind of giant dinosaur! It was crazy but really, really exiting!

Speaking of that Kraken – I fought him with three other students and I got the killing shot in, and that was a great fight! That Kraken was scary! I can’t wait to fight some more big bosses and take them down!

I’ll have some great videos posted throughout the week – see you in The Spiral! PLOX!

One response

  1. Nice work DITTO Wizard! I love it! Dueling Diego is one of my favs! gotta dig that accent!
    Hey if you wouldn’t mind, follow me on Twitter, ty and nice work here!!

    Quinn SpellFinder was here, LvL 50 Pyro………c ya out there………….

    March 18, 2010 at 2:16 am

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