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Ditto in Azteca – why did it have to be flying snakes?

So Ditto is back in Wizard101, yay!!  It has been a little while so Ditto has kind of forgotten what he was doing, but that is OK, because there is that helpful little arrow that will guide his way!

First, Ditto gets a golden fan – that’s it, just a golden fan. Didn’t even had to fight for it!  Of course when it seems too easy, it usually is too easy, so then Ditto needs to ‘anoint’ the fan with the venom of like a hundred flying snakes…   Of course they’re flying snakes, what’s the fun in just having normal everyday venomous snakes when you can have FLYING venomous snakes….

Mount-A-Palooza Flash Contest – Spritely Seahorse Mount

So it’s Mount-A-Palooza in Wizard101 and it’s their biggest mount sale yet!   It last through tomorrow (Sunday, April 19th) and there are some great deals – All permanent mounts are 5,000 crowns or less, there’s a great new Jeweled Scarab mount, and some old mounts have come back…  It’s a lot of fun, and Ditto’s getting in on the fun with the retired ‘Spritely Seahorse’ mount!  I’ve got codes to give away this weekend, but how am I going to do it?

Spritely Seahorse

Spritely Seahorse

Well, just email Ditto at dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Seahorse’ and send me your wizard name, and I’ll pick random winners throughout the weekend and announce them here between now and Sunday night!  Get your very own shiny Spritely Seahorse!!

Good Luck everyone, and have fun!!!

Winners List:

  • Scarlet Summer
  • Amber StormLeaf
  • Malvin WindHunter
  • Kayla Morgan
  • Blaze FireSmith
  • Talon Thunderblade
  • Michael Firehammer
  • Caley RainbowStaff

Captain Ditto and Crew Battle to Escape the Moomori Compound

Captain Ditto and his crew have ruined the Moomori wedding and embarrassed General Tsao, but now they need to get out of the compound, and the Moomori guards are REALLY angry…   Ditto and his crew must fight tooth and claw to make their escape!!

Captain Ditto and crew have fun ruining a wedding!

Still working on interrupting the wedding and embarrassing General Tsao, Captain Ditto and crew need to steal the wedding gift.  They defeated the first guards, but they weren’t guarding the real gift, they were guarding a decoy!!  Now Captain Ditto and crew head upstairs to defeat the REAL guards and steal the present!!
After stealing the present, they then have fun spraying graffiti all over the mansion – that’s really funny!  I’m sure they’ll be angry with all that graffiti!
Finally, Ditto steals a Cowbooki costume and ruins the entertainment!!  So funny – until we get in a big fight… I guess General Tsao wasn’t happy with our plans…

Captain Ditto infiltrates the Moomori Compound!

Captain Ditto uses his cunning and skill – oh, and that perfectly forged wedding invitation – to infiltrate the Moomori Compound!  Subodai leads them to the main chamber where they try to steal the wedding gift, but the team meets with some opposition!  It turns into a double-cross, but Captain Ditto and his crew are all over it!!  This mission is going to get interesting!  I wonder what the gift is?  Maybe it’s a juicer?  Ditto could really use a juicer…

April Fools Day at KingsIsle!

OK, so Ditto did not have time to put together anything fun or cool for April Fools (though if you listen to Spiral Radio 101 tonight you’ll hear something from Ditto…. Just saying…)  but the fine folks at KingsIsle have outdone themselves with April Foolishness!

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Captain Ditto in Mooshu – Heading out to disrupt a wedding!

Captain Ditto, now a Level 43 Swashbuckler, is sailing through Mooshu working on getting a wedding invitation to ‘crash’ a wedding to humiliate General Tso and do some other important stuff…

Here, Ditto’s Yakooza contact Yuji sends Ditto to the Momori stronghold to disrupt the wedding – this should be interesting!

There’s a fight with Tengu Sorcerers too – Ditto and crew make short work of them!


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