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Ditto is in the Avalon Catacombs in Wizard101!

Ditto is deep in the catacombs of Avalon, fighting goblins to find the Catacombs key for the Lady of the Lake!  Ditto hasn’t played Wizard101 much lately so this is supposed to be a ‘get back into it slowly’ kind of fight, but it doesn’t really work out that way, naturally… these storm enemies toss out some big guns early on!!  As part of his new strategy, Ditto is starting to rely on shields more than he did before, that’s for sure.


Contest – Spooky Wizard101 Stories with Ditto!

It’s October, which is Ditto’s FAVORITE time of year – it’s a favorite or all monsters really!  And of course, it’s a GREAT time of year in Wizard101 – they have so many fun Halloween themed events, with Spooky Bob’s quests, great costumes, and the Halloween-themed nightmare packs including the brand-new ‘Harrowing Nightmare Pack’!  It is also a great time for Halloween contests, and Ditto has a fun one!  Ditto loves spooky stories, and wants to hear some of your story ideas, but with a Wizard101 twist.  Like, instead of ‘The Headless Horseman’ it could be ‘The Headless Gobbler’, or instead of ‘Frankenstein’ maybe ‘Dworgynstein’ – you get the idea.

So send me your Wizard101 ‘Spooky Story’ title and a brief sentence of what the story is about!  Send it to dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Spooky Story’, and please make sure you include your wizard name!  The contest runs from now until Midnight EST on Saturday, October 25th.  Winners will be announces on Sunday October 26th.

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Captain Ditto returns to Pirate101 – with a costume and a Twitter contest!!

Captain Ditto triumphantly returns to Pirate101!!   Yes, I know it has been a while, you know I’ve had bronchitis and stuff, but it is GREAT to be back with and all new videos and a fun new contest!!

Here is the Video: 

And here is the contest!

As you can see from the video, Ditto is really getting into Halloween with a great new mask – very spooky!!  Well, Ditto wants to see YOUR costumes – so sent me a screenshot of your Pirate101 Character dressed for Halloween – either with a mask or costume, or just a special outfit or even a fun hat – whatever you’ve got!  And this is a Twitter contest – so tweet your costume screen shot to @dittowizard this weekend with the hashtag #dittopirate  (Between now and Sunday night, 8pm EST) and I’ll pick five random entries to win a Pirate101 Halloween Prize pack that includes a Rainbow Friendship mask (white, but can be dyed) and 2,000 crowns!  I’ll be giving the prizes out over the whole weekend at random times, with the last one being handed out Sunday night.  Remember – tweet to Ditto with the hashatg #dittopirate some time this weekend for chance to win!


Ditto’s Pirate101 ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ contest winners!!

As the story goes, Captain Ditto and his crew of scurvy dogs was followin’ a treasure map they found in a box o’ breakfast cereal, and sailed their way into a spooky hidden cove surrounded by dark jungles and ancient stone ruins. As they sailed slowly in, eyes peeled for danger, their ship was rocked by an attack from below, and Ditto and his crew suddenly found themselves face to face with…

I have to say, once again I am blown away by the creativity of my fans, and you always make contests like this really hard to judge. I loved so many of your entries and pictures, this was a really fun one! As I said in the contest, I’ve chosen my favorites for the top six (Grand prize and five second place) and then the remaining ten are chosen by random drawing.

And the grand prize winner is… Captain Maeve Noble and the monster Goldilox!! I have to admit, the idea of a giant mutant goldfish amuses me, and I loved the write up! Congratulations to Captain Maeve!! Read the rest of this page »

Ditto’s feeling a bit under the weather…

To those of you asking about new gameplay videos and ‘Daring Adventures’ episodes, I just wanted to let everyone know Ditto’s got a cold – nothing serious, don’t worry – but I basically have no voice and I’ve been dealing with coughing fits, so recording anything is pretty much a no-go until I feel a bit better.

Feeling Yucky...

Feeling Yucky…

Thanks again to everyone who has reached out, and I’ll back up and posting soon – and in the mean time I have a fun contest going on for Pirate101.  As always, have fun and play safe!!!

Captain Ditto’s Talk Like a Pirate Contest in Pirate101!!

Yarr there me harties, it be Captain Ditto again with a new bit o’ pirate treasure just in time for ‘Talk Like a Pirate’ day!  That’s right, good old Captain Ditto has barrels of booty, piles of plunder, dozens of doubloons… Well, you get the picture – and it’s all out there for the takin’!  What is this mythical treasure, you might ask?  Well I’ll tell ya!  There be three prize levels up fer grabs…

'Huge Pile of Treasure' housing item

‘Huge Pile of Treasure’ housing item

Pirate Hairstyle

Pirate Hairstyle

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Hast Thou Slain The Jabberwock? Wizard101 Boss Fight!

In Avalon there is a quest series, based on the Lewis Carol poem ‘Jabberwocky‘, and the highlight of this quest series is a boss fight with the dreaded Jabberwock himself – a cheating, 25,000 health, fire school boss monster.  It’s a crazy fight, to be sure, and I tried it four times in varying ways before I finally got some proper help.  Today, Christina LionRider and Hunter BlueRider joined me and together, after a VERY long time, we took out the mighty beast!



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