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Ditto found one of the best jokes in Wizard101

Ditto did finally defeat Cipactli, the horrible ‘Dance Contest’ boss in Azteca, and heads back to Zensen Seven Star to get to the next part of enchanting the pyramid key thingy.  Before that, though, we get the best joke in Wizard 101 – the wonderful narrator explaining how we wizards fit everything into our backpacks, including big heavy things like the Azure Moonstone…  It’s very funny!
Ditto also plays some Catch a Key – it’s fun but not as fun as Shock A Lock, I hate to say…

We’re here to see the tapestries…

This is a castle isn’t it?  There ARE tapestries?….   Ah that wacky Lord Clarance MacDonald and his lovely assistant!   So why does Ditto pull out a lame Indiana Jones reference?  Because Ditto has an exclusive Teleport Tapestry to give away!  Ditto has some great Floating Island tapestries to give away – they take you right to the beach for some great questing or a lovely tropical vacation…

Floating Lands Teleport Tapestry

Dropoff Point

Dropoff Point

I’ve got quite a few of these to give away, so I’ll be doing several giveaways.  The first starts today – send me an email at dittocontest@gmail.com, with a subject ‘Tapestries’ and your wizard name – I’ll choose a few random winners every day this week (until Saturday, May 9th)  and post them here.  I’ll also be giving some away randomly on twitter soon, too, so make sure you follow me on Twitter to get in on that!

Winners (Final List):

Kiley Moonshade
Christina Lionrider
Eric Stormbringer
Sydney Thundersong
Duncan SoulLeaf
Justin Storm
Corwin Frog
Kevin Battlecaller
Quinn Ashward
Talon Spiritforge
Brandon Cloud
Daniel LionHeart
Destiny Wildheart
Liam OwlEyes
Blaze FireSmith
Kaitlyn Miststone
Arlen Sanddust
juan titancatcher
Hunter BlueRider
Matthew Shadowblade
Jason Goldriver
Fred Silverhunter
Vanessa Mythdust
Bray Moonshard
Carlos ThunderFlame
Chris FireHeart
Jack HawkFist
Michelle Goldenglade
Moira Blade
Luis shadowWalker
Alura RainbowWeaver
Ben Silverhunter
Suri Shadowblood
Cameron RedGem
Heather Dragon Rider
Nathan Lifestalker
Lucas Dragonslinger
brynn wildsong
Kayla Morgan
Dylan dragonrider


Ditto faces the Aztecan War Challenge!!

Now that Ditto has collected all the parts for the War Challenge, it’s time to battle!!  Ditto confronts Cipactli in Azteca and has to battle him to collect the Azure Moonstone for some reason.  And what a battle it is!
Cipactli does have a few tricks up his sleeve – apparently he watches a lot of ‘So you think you can dance’, since he keeps tossing out dance challenges like ‘Ward Dance’ and ‘Charm Dance’, and if I couldn’t follow his dance challenge, he hit me with a Zero pip ‘Dr. Von’s Monster’…  and not only does that do a lot of damage AND  heal him, it’s got a REALLY long animation too…   seriously!
So the video does end rather abruptly – that’s not Carl’s fault, it’s mine; I didn’t realize the camera disk was nearly full, so we ran out of room…  So did Ditto win?  Well, you’ll have to wait to see!

Ditto learns about Jewel Socketing in Wizard101

Ditto has been learning about a fun new skill in Wizard101, Jewel Socketing!  You can find special magical jewels and combine them with your gear to get great new abilities and attributes!  It’s very easy to do – well, it’s easy once you have the jewels, but finding the jewels is a whole new challenge!

Ditto in Azteca – why did it have to be flying snakes?

So Ditto is back in Wizard101, yay!!  It has been a little while so Ditto has kind of forgotten what he was doing, but that is OK, because there is that helpful little arrow that will guide his way!

First, Ditto gets a golden fan – that’s it, just a golden fan. Didn’t even had to fight for it!  Of course when it seems too easy, it usually is too easy, so then Ditto needs to ‘anoint’ the fan with the venom of like a hundred flying snakes…   Of course they’re flying snakes, what’s the fun in just having normal everyday venomous snakes when you can have FLYING venomous snakes….

Mount-A-Palooza Flash Contest – Spritely Seahorse Mount

So it’s Mount-A-Palooza in Wizard101 and it’s their biggest mount sale yet!   It last through tomorrow (Sunday, April 19th) and there are some great deals – All permanent mounts are 5,000 crowns or less, there’s a great new Jeweled Scarab mount, and some old mounts have come back…  It’s a lot of fun, and Ditto’s getting in on the fun with the retired ‘Spritely Seahorse’ mount!  I’ve got codes to give away this weekend, but how am I going to do it?

Spritely Seahorse

Spritely Seahorse

Well, just email Ditto at dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Seahorse’ and send me your wizard name, and I’ll pick random winners throughout the weekend and announce them here between now and Sunday night!  Get your very own shiny Spritely Seahorse!!

Good Luck everyone, and have fun!!!

Winners List:

  • Scarlet Summer
  • Amber StormLeaf
  • Malvin WindHunter
  • Kayla Morgan
  • Blaze FireSmith
  • Talon Thunderblade
  • Michael Firehammer
  • Caley RainbowStaff

Captain Ditto and Crew Battle to Escape the Moomori Compound

Captain Ditto and his crew have ruined the Moomori wedding and embarrassed General Tsao, but now they need to get out of the compound, and the Moomori guards are REALLY angry…   Ditto and his crew must fight tooth and claw to make their escape!!


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