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Ditto working on Minecraft Ravenwood… Beware the Googlies!!

Googlies everywhere!!  What are googlies?  Well, they are all the scary creatures that inhabit my Minecraft world, like zombies and creepers and spiders and skeletons…  I know a lot of people call them ‘monsters’ but, since Ditto is a monster, he doesn’t like calling the scary bad things monsters, so he calls them Googlies – it’s something my mom used to say…

So as you can see, Ditto is working hard on his ‘Minecraft Ravenwood’ project, with the Headmasters’ office and Bartleby built, including a good start on the spiral door chamber down inside of Bartleby…  I start building out some roads, but as soon as it gets dark there are just googlies all over the place, and that doesn’t go well for Ditto…

Ditto creating Minecraft Ravenwood – Things Get Going

Ditto has been working hard on his Minecraft version of Wizard City and Ravenwood…  I’m not a Minecraft ‘expert’ by any means, but I think it’s a lot of fun to create things, and I figured since I’m a long time Wizard101 blogger I figured it might be fun to try and re-create some of the sights of Wizard City, starting with the Headmaster’s office…

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Captain Ditto and Fair Christina Nightingale battle General Tsao!

One thing that Kingsisle has always done well in their games is funny pop-culture references, from Firefly to old John Wayne movies to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who.  Mooshu is no different, and of course in a world named after Chinese takeout, they would be a villain named ‘General Tsao’…  Ditto has spent months slowly making his way through Mooshu in order to face General Tsao, and the final battle was definitely NOT disappointing!

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Captain Ditto and Crew infiltrate General Tsao’s fortress!!

The beginning of the big ‘General Tsao’ battle in Mooshu in Pirate101 – Captain Ditto and his crew infiltrate General Tsao’s compound searching for the piece of Marco Pollo’s map… Witness daring fights, explosions, and a furry orange monster – who could ask for more?

New Video – Ditto’s Minecraft Ravenwood- The terrible beginning!

This is the very fist Minecraft video I have ever made (though I’ve played Minecraft a bunch)  and I’ll be honest – this video does not go well.   In getting the streaming sorted out, I was more focused on streaming stuff and bandwidth, etc.., and not on things like creepers and zombies and getting my first shelter build or getting torches made.  Thankfully, I do eventually get the hang of stuff and it gets a bit less crazy…

Looking for help with Streaming and the Bloggy Thingy

Hi everybody!  So Ditto has been having a great time streaming, and it works a lot better than my old recording method.  I’ve had some fun interactions with people in the chat room too – like I said, I really like it and, small technical glitches aside, it’s been great.  Now, I want to improve it, fine-tune it…  and that’s where I need your help!

If you are a person who loves watching gaming streams and watch them all the time, or you are a Ditto fan who just likes watching my videos, I want to hear from you!  I want to know what you’re looking for! How often you want to see videos?  Do you prefer watching live or seeing the recordings on Twitch or YouTube?  How long do you like them – short, like 15 minutes?  A half hour?  Longer?  I can really get wrapped up while playing and some of these videos and they can go on fore a while… so how long is too long?  Also, regarding schedule, I’m TRYING to keep a semi-normal schedule of streaming on Tuesday night and Thursday night starting between 7:30 and 8:00pm EST, plus weekend play on Saturday and maybe Sunday morning, starting between 8am and 8:30am.

Hopefully that works for most folks, but I know in addition to good timing I have to provide entertaining content too – if a TV show is boring it doesn’t matter if it’s on every night, people aren’t going to watch!  I’ve got plans for Wizard1o1, Pirate101, maybe Hearthstone (I kind of fell out of favor with that one) and now Minecraft – I want to keep the content fun and totally family friendly, but what more do you like to see?  Ditto in daring battles?  Ditto completing quests, doing boss fights, getting killed by zombies?  I’d love to hear thoughts and suggestions to make Ditto’s channel your go-to destination for furry monster gaming video fun!!

Have Fun and Play Safe!!!

Ditto shows off his house and takes on Olympus in Wizard101

More Wizard101 Action for Ditto, a few fun videos this time!

First off, Ditto shows everyone his Polarian Explorers’ Bundle!! It’s a great bundle with a cool shipwreck house, an armored narwhal mount, an ADORABLE little penguin pet, and lots more!!

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