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Ditto’s Wizard101 Birthday Contest Winners!!!

Here they are – the winners of Ditto’s fun Wizard101 Birthday Contest!!   I had so many fun entries, I really loved them!  All the winners have been notified and I’m sharing some of my favorite entries!!   Thanks again to all who entered, I love the creativity and fun of all my followers, these contests are great!!

Gameplay Video – Ditto versus his lack of paying attention… #Wizard101

SO this should have been a pretty standard ‘junk mob’ fight, taking out some crazy pterosaur looking bad guys who, at first glance, all appeared to be Myth school…  I set my deck up and dive in, and suddenly I find myself facing a FIRE enemy with over 6,000 health!!   And did I have even a single fire prism?  NOPE!
The most frustrating thing is that I was SO CLOSE to winning the fight – if I had better healing skills or hadn’t fizzled a key spell I think I could have beat him, even without prisms…
But I’ll definitely bring Prisms next time!

Contest Time – Happy Birthday Wizard101!!

So it’s birthday time again for the amazing and fun Wizard101!  And to celebrate, Ditto has a bunch of crowns to give away!  Contest time, yay!!!

So what is the contest?  Well, you can’t have a birthday without balloons, and Ditto LOVES balloons, so that’s the contest – take the below picture of balloons, color it however you like – your school colors, colored like your favorite spell (Meteor Strike!!)  or anything else you want.  Color it in and then email to me at dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Birthday Balloons’, between now and Midnight EST on September 26th – that’s a full two weeks, to give everyone plenty of time to get creative! Email me your picture and make sure you include your wizard name.  On September 27th I’ll choose winners using random draw, so everyone has a chance.

Color The Balloons

Color The Balloons

You can color them using a computer program like Paint or GIMP, or you can print them out, color them on paper, and then scan them back in or take a picture and email me that.

So that’s it – fun right?  Color some balloons and maybe win some crowns!  Have fun, be creative, and I really look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!!


Gameplay Video -Big Boss Fight – Scary Malinche Tears of Night #Wizard101

OK, first, this guy is very creepy!!   He says he cries black tears and wants to do pretty awful things to me and make me undead!   Scary!!!
Malinche is a Rank 13 death boss, but he’s really good at Ice school too- – he might have used more ice spells than death spells come to think of it.
I did end up using a life henchman to help me through the fight – I might have been able to take him solo, but it would have been tough and I need to improve my healing skills – I might do a re-spec for that…

Chip decided to play some #LOTRO

So Ditto slept in a bit, as it was a holiday (Labor Day in the US) and while he was sleeping in, Chip and Carl decided to play around with Ditto’s Twitch stream…  Chip has a LOTRO character he likes to play – a Hobbit burglar named ‘Klepto’, and he likes running around the shire doing random quests and doing tricks on the other hobbits.  Chip is also pretty shy and does get nervous when he thinks people may be watching, so this whole stream was a bit silly, but hopefully people liked it…

I hope nobody else around here gets the idea to play on my twitch stream, especially….

Never mind, I don’t even want to think about that!

New Video – Ditto needs a ride…

So Ditto can’t use the zip line to catch up with Belloq and the shadow minions and reclaim the crystal skull, so he needs to talk to Guaman Skyfall to try and catch a ride… Of course ‘talk to Guaman Skyfall’ actually turns into ‘Battle Guaman Skyfall until one of you are defeated’, which was really not a lot of fun, to be honest…

Finally, Ditto learned a new chant and headed up to the mountain peaks to defeat the forces of shadow, or something like that…

Ditto seaches for healing clay… and gets in a fight – more Wizard101 fun

Ditto must find Huix Saltwater in the Saltmeadow Marsh to find healing clay to heal the injured priestess Turquoise Water-Sun… Wow, say that tree times fast…

Of course the cave the healing clay is found in is guarded by a big nasty boss monster (of course)  – Ekra Bleeding Rose (what a scary name!) and Ditto has to battle fiercely to collect the clay!

I just realized I never posted anything yesterday – I swear I thought I did post something yesterday but maybe I dreamed it… this posting every day challenge is much more challenging than I imagined…


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