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Curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal! Wizard101 Fun

After rescuing Maguey Century Cat from the Dark Spooky Cave, Ditto gets a special charm from him, to take to the oracle!  It’s critical that it does not fall into the wrong hands!!  However, Ditto goes back to mister Mirror-Knife person, who has let a few things slip in previous encounters which make Ditto very suspicious…

Once there, of course, Mirror Knife betrays Ditto, with a GREAT ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark reference!!   We totally saw this was coming, but it was still both great and annoying!!

Ditto goes in the spooky cave and faces Hozanek Hundred Arrows – Part 2

Ditto continues his epic battle to free Maguey Century Cat from the evil clutches of the rank 13 fire boss ‘Hozanek Hundred Arrows’…
Ditto’s henchmen work pretty well throughout the fight, keeping Ditto alive and keeping the damage up against Hozanek.  I know with real people joining in, it could have been more strategic and gone more quickly, but I didn’t have any friends online at the time (I was playing really early) and this still worked out OK in the end…

Ditto goes in the spooky cave to battle ‘Hozanek Hundred Arrows’ – Part 1

As you may remember when we left off, Ditto was looking for Maguey Century Cat and had followed footprints to a spooky dark cave.  Now, of course, this cave is not full of yummy delicious pie or adorable fuzzy kittens – it is full of bad guys, namely the rank 13 fire boss ‘Hozanek Hundred Arrows’…

So yes, Ditto hired some henchmen for this one, and the fight goes pretty well – at least this boss does not seem to cheat, though he hits pretty hard, and fighting fire bosses is always a big challenge for me, since I am fire and there are only so many prisms in a deck.

Of course this is a LOOOONG fight, so here is part 1… Part 2 shall come later…

Ditto in the floating Mountains – The Burning Bridge!!!

After Ditto defeated the huge drowned dog monster boss, he captured the amazing ‘Prismatic Blade’ and headed to another annoying and cryptic guide who told him he has to create a burning bridge to find some other cryptic guy who is going to help me craft a ‘proper offering’ for some oracle guy…   This is never simple….

However – the blade creating the burning bridge is AWESOME!  I want this prismatic blade as an official weapon that can create burning bridges all over the place!!  It is so cool!   Read the rest of this page »

Part 2 of Ditto’s epic Azteca battle with Ahuizotl Drowned Dog!!

Here it is, the thrilling and chilling finale of Ditto’s epic boss battle against the fearsome Ahuizotl Drowned Dog!  This was a long and challenging fight, but Ditto is victorious and frees…   a cage full of flying snakes.  Why does it always have to be flying snakes?  Seriously?
After he wins the fight, Ditto does some other stuff, but honestly the flying snakes creep me out so much I kind of forgot what happened…

Contest Winners in Ditto’s Shark Week Contest!!

Here they are – the winners from Ditto’s amazing ‘Shark Week’ contest!  I asked all you wizards and pirates to look up some amazing facts about sharks, and wow did you deliver!!   My inbox was flooded with incredible shark facts, most of them I didn’t know!  Congratulations on doing such a great job!  Now, here are the randomly selected winners – all have been notified by email.  Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you all so much for participating – I hope you all learned something about these amazing sharks! Read the rest of this page »

Ditto fights ‘Drowned Dog’ boss in Azteca! Part 1

Ditto is back in Wizard101 and has to go down in a well in Azteca, in the Floating Islands… Of course, there’s a big fight! This is a tough one too, so I’ve got to hire a garden gnome for a henchman.  This is part 1 of 2, since the fight really goes on for a while!  My goal in the fight is to just pile on as much damage as I can, but I do me a few mistakes – I should have probably focused more on the smaller minion first.  Also, I”m pretty sure my deck was too packed, since I wasn’t really getting the damage boost cards I needed.  That’s probably why the battle took so long – a more efficient deck might have done damage more quickly.


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