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Gameplay Video – Ditto Plays HearthStone Ranked Play

So Ditto has been playing the Blizzard card game ‘HearthStone’ more lately  – it’s a really fun game and you can play a round in ten to twenty minutes if you don’t have a long time for gaming, which is handy.
I’ve been playing my Mage deck lately in ranked play and have made it to rank 18 – that’s not really high, true, but it’s challenging at this level and I’m pretty happy with how it’s going.
This battle is pretty good and shows my deck playing well – I’ll admit, it only plays this well every two to three games…  I still need to tweak it a bit.

Ditto Battles Copper Wing Guards in Azteca

For Ditto to uncover what’s going on, Ditto has to defeat some Copper Wing Guards on the Zultun docs to determine if they are the minions of the Umbra Queen!
Of course the guards are Rank 12 Elite fire, which makes them a real pain for me – fire prisms help quite a bit, but make the fights take a bit longer.

Ditto Finishes some Azteca Quests in Wizard101

So Ditto has this carefully crafted plan to store up some completed quests for his video recordings, and then when it was time to record, awesomeness would flow.  Well, as you can see, that was a pretty epic failure, as the completed quests don’t actually take up much time or continue on to other cool stuff…  so I just pad this one out for time…

Ditto Builds a flying ‘boat’ in Azteca…

So Ditto has been hanging out in Azteca and to get to this spooky island, he needs to build a special magical flying boat.  Well once Ditto gathers the magic stuff and captures ‘the three winds’ (which was HARD!)  he bangs a drum and makes a magic boat!  Of course, to call this a ‘boat’ is stretching things – it’s a log that kind of glows and maybe floats on the winds?  It’s terrifying, in any case…

Captain Ditto versus GOLDFISH!!

Captain Ditto and crew are making their way through Mooshu and come across some harmless looking goldfish swimming in the skyway…  and things take a rapid turn for the worse!  These goldfish are FIERCE!!!

Captain Ditto’s Further Adventures in Mooshu – Lotus Blossom Wreck

Captain Ditto is settling into life in Mooshu and searches a wrecked ship for an Imperial Jade statue…  There’s a panda, and a storyline about noodles, and all kinds of cool stuff – it’s really neat!

Captain Ditto is back, and made it to Mooshu!!!

I know it has been a little while since Ditto has been able to post gameplay videos, sorry about that…  Ditto’s mom and dad and other family have been around for the holidays, so I didn’t really have a way to make videos uninterrupted with so many Fabricated Americans (and people) around.  I’m back now, though, and after many months trekking through Cool Ranch, Ditto FINALLY recovered Captain Blood’s treasure, which was an impressive ship from Mooshu!  Now it appears that the mystery of Marco Pollo’s map deepens, however, and Captain Ditto and his stalwart crew take their newfound ship and sail to mysterious Mooshu to get more information from Egg Fu Yung!   Mmmmm, Egg Fu Yung…  and crab rangoons… and… oh, never mind, let’s just show the video.


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