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New Video Bloggy Thingy plus new Wizard101 and Pirate101 contests!!

Hi everybody it is the Ditto with a fun video bloggy thingy – with contests!!  Yay!  And yes, Ditto said ‘contests’ as in multiple, so stay tuned, this will be so much fun!!


First – the twitter report! It has been a while, but Ditto now has 1873 followers – wow! Pretty close to two thousand now!  That is so amazing, thank you so much to all my fans and followers!  I’m going to do something cool at 2000 followers, so stay tuned for that!  Oh, have you noticed the changes in Twitter? Seems like a lot going on there, huh?  I think I like it so far…

Next – the games!  Ditto has been bouncing back and forth between the Wizard101 and Pirate101 test realms, because there are lots of changes coming!  Ditto does really like the Pirate101 companion changes – it makes me feel more like I have a cohesive ‘crew’, and I don’t have to worry about my level 3 mouse fencer popping up in a critical fight and getting one-shotted.  I do think it’s a cool change so far.

In Wizard101 – I’m still trying to make it through Avalon – it’s fun but I don’t think the overall story is as engaging as earlier ones.  Not sure why – it’s not a bad thing, and maybe I’m not playing it often enough to get the whole ‘big picture’ story… it is fun though, and I love the scenery and the Monty Python references…

So that leaves us with… contests!   I have two, and all details are written in the description as well, but here they are:

In Wizard101, I have a bunch of Mannequin codes to give away – each grants a male and a female mannequin that you can decorate your house with – fun!  All you need to do to enter the contest is name them – give them clever names, like ‘Archie and Betty’ or ‘Jack and Jill’ or something like that – come up with a clever pair of names and send that – plus your wizard name – to Ditto’s contest email (dittocontest@gmail.com).  The contest ends on Saturday the 26th at midnight and winners will be chosen randomly the following day.  Winners get the mannequins plus a castle bric-a-brac elixir.  Easy!

For Pirate101, I have codes for random Springtime Pets and the Witchdoctor’s Lab – these are pretty great!  For this contest, I want to combine the two things into something funny or silly – I want you to tell me about your idea for a Witchdoctor’s Pet, including one witchdoctor pet power.  For example – the pet could be the voodog, a black dog wearing a tophat, and his power is to dig up bones and reanimate them into a skeletal… whatever they were before they were bones.  Could be a Skeletal Pirate, but could also be a Skeletal bunny or a skeletal chicken.  I want these to be extra silly and fun.

For the Pirate101 contest you have an extra week (I’ve learned my lesson not to end two contests at the same time), so send your entry, with your pirate name, to Ditto’s Pirate contest email (dittopirate@gmail.com) by Saturday May 3rd, and I’ll choose the winners the next day, on Sunday the 4th.

So that’s my contests – the email addresses and details are listed here in the description, so have fun with them, and good luck!  I can’t wait to read what you come up with!

Have Fun and Play Safe!!  PLOX!

Ditto’s ‘Something’s Fishy’ contest winners!!

Here they are – the winners of Ditto’s ‘Something’s Fishy’ Contest!  I love my fans – I got so many great, fun entries, such great ideas!  Here is the list of randomly chosen winners, in no particular order – each winner got a random housing item (Fishbowl, Pagoda Gauntlet, or Winterbane Hall) plus a bric-a-brac elixir! Read the rest of this page »

It’s Handyman Ditto in Caer Lyon! Thrilling Teleporter Repair in Wizard101!

Ditto is still running around in Caer Lyon in Avalon, and Ashlyn Brushtail sends Ditto on… get ready for it… a HANDYMAN quest! Yes, it’s the amazing Handyman Ditto again, seeking a book of ancient teleporter knowledge, and then heading out to fix the Caer Lyon teleporter arch. Ditto is getting good at this stuff…

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Ditto teams up to face Felethus Barka in Wizard101

Ditto is still questing in Caer Lyon in Avalon, searching for paints, and has to face Felethus Barka, a rank 11 boss. Ditto wanted to try the new ‘Team Up’ feature, and it worked very well, even though Ditto was playing very early in the morning it found me someone to group with pretty quickly, and we made short work of the boss and his nefarious minion.s

Captain Ditto mastering Ship to Ship combat… Kinda

So Captain Ditto and his trusty crew are seeking out medicine to cute that Lone Ranger chicken guy (I think… Ditto is easily confused) and to do that, he must engage in thrilling ship to ship combat!

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Ditto’s April Wizard101 Contest – Something’s Fishy!!

So it’s time for Ditto’s April Wizard101 Contest, and it’s a good one, with some really fun prizes!  In fact, the whole contest is based on one of the prizes, because it’s just so much fun, it makes me smile every time I use it – I’m talking of course about the ‘Fantastic Fishbowl’!

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Ditto is back in Avalon, and he’s a bit rusty…

So after a couple weeks of computer issues Ditto is FINALLY back in Wizard101, questing in Avalon… Of course, since it had been a little while since Ditto had played, his re-introduction was… well… problematic. This duel was kind of a hot mess, I didn’t have any fire prisms (and of course I was fighting fire), I hit the wrong spell first turn, and I overestimated the damage over time last round, but in the end I was victorious! Yay Wizard101!


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