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It’s Handyman Ditto in Caer Lyon! Thrilling Teleporter Repair in Wizard101!

Ditto is still running around in Caer Lyon in Avalon, and Ashlyn Brushtail sends Ditto on… get ready for it… a HANDYMAN quest! Yes, it’s the amazing Handyman Ditto again, seeking a book of ancient teleporter knowledge, and then heading out to fix the Caer Lyon teleporter arch. Ditto is getting good at this stuff…

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Ditto teams up to face Felethus Barka in Wizard101

Ditto is still questing in Caer Lyon in Avalon, searching for paints, and has to face Felethus Barka, a rank 11 boss. Ditto wanted to try the new ‘Team Up’ feature, and it worked very well, even though Ditto was playing very early in the morning it found me someone to group with pretty quickly, and we made short work of the boss and his nefarious minion.s

Captain Ditto mastering Ship to Ship combat… Kinda

So Captain Ditto and his trusty crew are seeking out medicine to cute that Lone Ranger chicken guy (I think… Ditto is easily confused) and to do that, he must engage in thrilling ship to ship combat!

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Ditto’s April Wizard101 Contest – Something’s Fishy!!

So it’s time for Ditto’s April Wizard101 Contest, and it’s a good one, with some really fun prizes!  In fact, the whole contest is based on one of the prizes, because it’s just so much fun, it makes me smile every time I use it – I’m talking of course about the ‘Fantastic Fishbowl’!

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Ditto is back in Avalon, and he’s a bit rusty…

So after a couple weeks of computer issues Ditto is FINALLY back in Wizard101, questing in Avalon… Of course, since it had been a little while since Ditto had played, his re-introduction was… well… problematic. This duel was kind of a hot mess, I didn’t have any fire prisms (and of course I was fighting fire), I hit the wrong spell first turn, and I overestimated the damage over time last round, but in the end I was victorious! Yay Wizard101!

Ditto gets the Hoodu Bundle and trains new skills!

Ditto has made level 20 and gets the new Hoodu bundle, with a great outfit, a cool spooky ship, and a cute monkey witch doctor companion who is really good!
Ditto also meets with Morgan Lafitte, his Swashbuckler trainer, and gets trained up in some new skills and powers!

Ditto versus Whiptail Panteras again in Wizard101

After his embarrassing defeat, Ditto goes back to those nasty Whiptail Panteras for some payback. This time – thanks to a wonderful lack of fizzles – the fight goes a lot better for our furry hero!  It’s a good fight, and these panteras are nasty!  Opening up the fight with two stormzillas – not cool!!


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