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Captain Ditto searches for the De La Vega key! Pirate101

After defeating the Duck of Death, Captain Ditto and his trusty hoodoo master Old Scratch must commune with the spirit of the original El Toro… but the De La Vega crypt is locked, and they have no key.  They head back to see the current El Toro, Don Rodrigo, to see if he has the key, and of course he does not – the Frogerales have it on one of their ships!  So once again Captain Ditto and crew take to the skyways in fierce ship to ship combat until the key is recovered!!

Here it is – Ditto’s ‘Six Days of Whatever’ winner #6!!

Well, it has certainly been six days of ‘Whatever‘, plus kittens!  And here it is, the final completely random winner of the completely random prize of 5,000 crowns  – Wizard Grace, also known as Pirate Stubborn Isabele Stevensson!  Congratulations to all the winners – and here is your final kitten…


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Ditto’s ‘Six Days of Whatever’ contest winner #5!!

I hope everyone is having fun with Ditto’s ‘Six Days of Whatever‘ holiday contest – I know I am!!  So today’s winner, taking home a code for 2500 crowns, is Allen Walker  – congratulations!!!!


And I just love the holiday kitten pictures!!!

Cogratulations to ‘Ditto’s Six Days of Whatever’ Day #4 winner!!

Another big congratulations to winner #4 in Ditto’s ‘Six Days of Whatever‘ contest!! – Darcy Morris wins herself a Hoodoo Bundle!!  Stay tuned for more great prizes!!!


Ditto’s Six Days of Whatever Contest – Winner #3!

Congratulations to Matthew Shadowblade, winner #3 in Ditto’s ‘Six Days of Whatever‘ contest! He wins a Wizard101 Evergreen Bundle- congratulations!!


Captain Ditto faces The Duck of Death, Part 2!!

After defeating The Duck of Death at Boot Hill, Captain Ditto and crew take a rowboat over to his cursed ship and face him in one of the most intense battles Ditto and crew have yet faced!!  Fire, explosions, and deadly conflict test Captain Ditto and drive his crew to their very limits – but who will come out victorious??

Ditto’s Six Days of Whatever winner #2

Today’s winner is Stormy Melissa Morris, who won a random beastmaster companion!  Stay tuned for more great prizes in Ditto’s ‘Six Days of Whatever‘ contest.  Christmas_tabby kitten in a Santa hat 09


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