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Captain Ditto settles the score and starts oh his dream quest thingy in Pirate101

Captain Ditto has the fancy magic hat from Brother Owl, and head to meet Raven Eyes in Bison Village.  That, of course, kicks off another ‘dream quest’ that will certainly lead to more thrilling adventure… or something.

Wizard101 Contest – ‘Where’s Ditto’, housing edition…

Ditto has another all-new contest for his Wizard101 fans, and it’s all about houses!  In fact, it’s all about houses you can build yourself!  That’s right – Ditto has codes for new Arcane Builder houses – the ‘Midday Estates‘, ‘Meadows at Dusk‘, and the ‘Night Gardens‘ houses.  In case you don’t know, these are the houses that you can build and re-configure with cool housing building blocks – I’ve had a lot of fun with these, and it’s impressive what you can build with them!  Each winner of this contest will get one code for one of these amazing houses!

So how do you win?  Well, Ditto is hiding out in three of his houses – if you can tell me which house I am in with each picture below, you will be entered to win one of the houses!  Only entries who have all three houses correct will win, and the names have to match what you see in the game too – you can’t say ‘The Beach House’, it has to be ‘Island Getaway’, as an example.

Send your entry to dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Where’s Ditto’ and list your three answers, plus your wizard name, so I can announce the winners on my website.  You have from now until Midnight EST on Sunday, July 27th to get your entries in, and the winners will be announced on Monday, July 28th.

As always, only one entry per person please, and do make sure to include your wizard name so I can announce the winners here on the site.  And to re-iterate – each winner will get a code for ONE of the above ‘Arcane Builder’ houses, randomly chosen.

Captain Ditto gets his man… um, pearl… in Pirate101

Captain Ditto prepares to snatch victory from the jaws of his recent defeat at the hands of 2 — no, 20 — Black Storm Raiders.  Captain Ditto and his crew battle fiercely against the brutal Black Storm pirates and finally emerge victorious, collecting the final mystical pearl needed by the wise (and somewhat spooky) Brother Owl.
Brother Owl grants Ditto the new mystical headdress thingy and sends Ditto to give the mystic hat thingy to Raven Eyes in Bison Village.  This stuff gets pretty weird – it’s fun though!!

Captain Ditto battles Black Sky Raiders in Pirate101!!

Captain Ditto and his trusty crew are hunting Black Storm raiders to collect these cool special pearls for that magic headdress thingy.  Check out the (mostly) awesome ship to ship combat – Ditto looks like he almost knows what he is doing…

Ditto’s ‘Name that Pet’ Wizard101 contest winners!!

Here they are, the winners of Ditto’s fun ‘Name that Pet’ contest – well, some of them at least.  You see, apparently Ditto forgot to tell people to add their wizard names to their contest entry (oops, my bad), so only a few people who entered sent in their wizard names.   Was only able to post the entries that had wizard names (since I would never post your real name or your email), and those winners are listed below.  There are a LOT more entries that won, however, and everyone has been sent their winning codes in email already.  I really enjoyed all the entries, you are all very creative and came up with some fun names – thanks to all who entered and congratulations to all the winners – remember, there are a LOT more winners than are listed here…

 Winners (who sent me their wizard name in their entry)

  • Hunter Darksword- I would name one of the Shaloin Monkeys, Gracie, because she is one of my best friends in the game.
  • Aaron Flame – Shaolin Monkey – Prince Gizmo
  • Catherine Seasong -  Arcane Helpers – Tom and Jerry
  • Donna DragonDreamer – Snake in a basket. “Lady Serpentina”
  • Isabella Mythfire – Night Hawk  : Samuel would be a good name
  • Taylor Soulhammer – Betta Fish – Fabulous Fiffy
  • vanessa darkbloom – Bumble Bee – Queen Belle
  • Kaitlyn Miststone – Polar Bear Cub – Sneezy
  • Christina Rainbow – I will name the Giraffe as Miss Emily
  • Michelle RainbowHaven – Polar BEar Cub -Chubby Cuddly CubCub
  • Arlen Sanddust – I choose Shaolin Monkey. I name it Jackie Chan.
  • Hunter Tail – Bumble Bee – Honey
  • Tatiana Death Haven – Polar Bear Cub – Name: PB and C (Play on PB and J)
  • Talon Spiritforge – Minimus Maximus the Trojan Horse
  • James Skullrider – Betta Fish – Alpha Swim Omega
  • Artur AngleFlame  – Giraffe Name: Spots
  • Brandon OwlSword – Polar Bear Cub – Cutie
  • Heather SeaWeaver -Arcane Helpers: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
  • Katie IceFlame – I think it’d be cool to have a Trojan Horse named Virus

Ditto Explores the new Spiral Cup Gauntlet in Wizard101!

So Wizard101 just announced the new ‘Spiral Cup Gauntlet’ card, available at Target, and Ditto just happens to have a Target right down the street, so here it is – Ditto explores the new Spiral Cup stuff, including the very weird and cool ‘Tanglewood’ mount, the ADORABLE Baby Pegasus pet, some really cool clothes, and the even more cool ‘Mystical Tome’ casting tool (Can’t really call it a wand, right?), plus a quick (and horrilby unsuccessful) look at the ‘Pigswick Fountain’ dungeon.
Gear is available up to level 100 – but Ditto is still only level 77, so he didn’t get the top end stuff.  I’m sure it’s awesome!


I do like the Tanglewood Vine mount – I wasn’t sure at first, I’ll admit, because it’s really different, unlike any mount I’ve ever had (in any game, really), but once I watched it a bit, it really grew on me (no pun intended… OK, maybe intended a little bit.)  I love the animation and it’s jut so different – it’s really cool.  I’m definitely a fan.  Of course the Baby Pegasus pet is just mind numbingly cute, it’s so squeeee!

Ditto is back from vacation with a brand new Wizard101 contest!!

So Ditto is back from his wonderful tropical vacation, and it’s time for a contest!  I’ve got several planned, but since it’s almost 4th of July and I’m getting a later start at this than I expected, I’ll start with a simple one… Pets!!  I have a bunch of fun pets to give away, and all you have to do it name them!  Send me an email at dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Name that Pet’ and choose a pet from the below list, and give me a name for the pet.  The contest ends Saturday, July 12th, and I’ll send out winners on Sunday July 13th.  Here are the pets you can choose from and win!

Arcane Helpers!

Arcane Helpers!

  • Arcane Helper
  • Betta Fish
  • Babydactyl
  • Bumble Bee
  • Giraffe
  • Night Hawk
  • Polar Bear Cub
  • Shaolin Monkey
  • Snake in a Basket
  • Stegasaurus
  • Trojan Horse

That’s it – and easy one to get back into the swing of things.  I’ll have another contest after this one, plus some fun giveaways on Twitter, so stay tuned!!


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