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Ditto’s week and the hardest duel ever! (so far…)

Wow, what a week it has been for this furry orange monster. PAX East, interviewing Fred Howard from KingsIsle, guest hosting Ravenwood Radio, getting my stories posted or linked on Beckett MOG and MMO Crunch and who knows where else… It really all comes down to having the BEST community of any game out there, and having amazing and supportive fans and followers! I couldn’t do any of this without all of you! Well, I COULD do this without you, sure, but what would be the point really? It would kind of be like talking to myself, wouldn’t it? And there’s nothing sadder than a furry orange monster just sitting there talking to himself… oh wait, where was I?

Oh yes – back to Wizard 101, since I’ve had a few spare minutes this week to jump back in. Inspired by all the pet talk this week, I’ve started training Madame Jasmine again and got her to Ancient, I’ll keep working with her until she’s all the way to ‘super old’ or whatever they call it…. I’ve also been working my way through DragonSpyre – this place is pretty terrifying! It seems like every other fight is a boss fight or else you’ve got to get through a tower with like seventy levels of elite battles to get to your end goal, which is usually just reading a book, and sometimes eating pudding. It’s very exciting though! Well, maybe not the pudding, but all the other stuff is really exciting!

And speaking of exciting – I’m working my way through the Plaza of Conquests now and had to go talk to Mavra Flamewing for ‘shield training’. I’m not sure where she got her teaching degree, but I was under the impression that saying ‘Here’s a storm shark, good luck with it’ wasn’t really ‘teaching’… This turned out to be the most difficult fight of the game, I think!

It's shield-tastic!

Mavra and her shiled-tossing minions!

For anyone who hasn’t gotten to DragonSpyre or hasn’t made it to this quest, Mavra is a storm boss with 2000 health – certainly not huge, I’ve taken out bigger and meaner. The trick is that she has two ‘minions’ with her, which are these little ‘protective pox’ critters that do nothing but throw out every shield imaginable. Elemental shields, absorbs, tower shields, you name it, they shield themselves – and Mavra – with them. Sure it’s nice that they don’t hit you with damage, but putting up to three shields up (one from each pox AND Mavra, and yes they CAN all land on the same target, I’ve seen it done) every turn makes dealing damage VERY tricky!

Fortunately, as a pyromnacer I can specialize in damage over time, which it seems to me is the only way to beat this foe, at least solo. I got rid of helephants and even my beloved meteor strikes and loaded up with link, scald, even fire elf and heck hounds, as well as every shield I could personally carry, then maxed out healing spells and dove into the duel.

The duel took a long time – I’d say 20 minutes? Wasn’t paying that close attention but it was around there. I would toss up a shield and then hit with a DOT spell, trying to stack as many DOT as I could. Scald was really nice because it hit all enemies, so I was slowly working the pox’s down as I was focused on Mavra. Oh yes unlike most boss fights where you try to take out the minion first, because it’s quicker, for this fight I recommend going after Mavra 100% until she’s down, because once she’s down the Pox minions can’t hurt you, so you’ve bacially got as long as you need (or have cards) to take care of them, and without Mavra raining damage down on your head every other turn, it’s much less stressful!

In the end, it was a double stacked ‘scald’ that won the day and got me my victory dance. I kind of wish I have taken video of this fight, but honestly it would have been twenty minutes of me whining about yet ANOTHER shield going up and ruining my winning shot….

Victory Dance for Mavra

I beat Mavra and her annoying shield minions

So that’s about it for this week – not that I could have handled any more!! Next week things ‘should’ be back to normal, in theory – I’m actually kind of looking forward to that. For now, I will content myself to sneaking a cupcake while Miss Narrator isn’t looking…

See you in the Spiral, keep playing safe!!

Ditto Interviews Brad Borne of ‘The Fancypants Adventures’

Getting interviews at PAX East is a very tricky thing, because there are LOTS of reporters trying to get interviews all day, every day. Fortunately I had arranged for my interview with KingsIsle a few months in advance, but I hadn’t made any other arrangements. While we were there at PAX East Miss Narrator and I did try to get on a few interview schedules, but most places were either booked solid or, for reasons I can only guess at, didn’t seem to take my request for an interview seriously. Once again Wizard 101 proves they are an industry leader, being the fist major game company to do an interview with a Fabricated American! Now I can also add Brad Borne to that very exclusive list!

I was able to get another short interview at the show, this one with Brad Borne, the creator of the great, family-friendly flash game ‘The Fancypants Adventures‘. His game is being released on xBox Live and PSN with new levels and a multiplayer mode, and I can tell you from experience that it’s a LOT of fun! It’s a platform game with stick figure characters and some really fun physics – we had a blast playing it and Brad was kind enough to sit and talk with me for a few minutes. Here’s that interview.

New MMO Crunch Article posted!

That’s right, it’s Wednesday and my newest MMOCrunch article, ‘Playing it Safe, part 2’ is now posted! Enjoy!


New article is up on MMO Crunch!

I missed getting this post out yesterday (Crazy day for the Fabricated American here…) but I just wanted to post it and let people know that my latest article, ‘Finding Your Fun’ was just posted yesterday at MMO Crunch!

Thanks for all the support!

The Game Monster – Finding Your Fun!

Ditto’s Big News!!!

So I can finally reveal my big crazy exciting news! After much arranging and organizing, I, Ditto Monster, and my fearless assistant Miss Narrator, will be attending PAX East in Boston! We will be filming some video segments, rubbing elbows with gaming’s finest, and most importantly, we’ll be swinging by the KingsIsle booth to meet some of the wonderful people that make Wizard 101!! We’re really excited about all this and can’t wait for March!!!

I’m a writer!! I’m a writer!!

OK, I guess I’ve been a blog and podcast writer for a while, and I wrote all that ‘Harry Potter’ fan fiction before that… oops, I wasn’t supposed to mention that, was I? Anyway, I’ve been writing for my own amusement for a while now, but today I am officially writing for OTHER PEOPLE’S amusement! That’s right, I am now an official contributor to the fun and fabulous MMO magazine MMO Crunch!! My column is called ‘The Game Monster’ and today they posted my very first article, ‘By Way of Introduction‘! I’m very excited and really thank the staff at MMO Crunch for taking a chance with a furry orange monster like me! I hope everyone likes the articles I’ll be putting out – they won’t impact my normal posting schedule here, because try as I might I don’t really have much of a posting schedule here… but I’ll still be posting all the time, so don’t worry!

And don’t forget – an all new live Ravenwood Radio tonight, including the exciting climax of Ditto’s Marleybone adventures in another installment of ‘The Daring Adventures of Ditto’!!

Ditto learns about gardening!

So during my amazing adventures in beautiful Mooshu I found lots of seeds, but I had no idea what to do with them! Well thankfully my old friend Moolinda Wu, the life professor at Ravenwood, helped me to learn all about gardening! This is part 1 of my gardening adventures, where I meet a funny little mole man named Farley who teaches me all about growing magical plants.